Why do I use social Media?

When I was 16 my friend told me that Ronny her elitist friend has access to something new of students in the US that is called FaceBook. I understood that it’s a tool to communicate with your student’s friends from abroad, most of them from Ivy League universities and the common opinion was that- if you have Facebook – you are a cool global person. So, of course, I had to open an account (although I haven’t known no one from the US) , but a huge global Network that connects people from all over the world seemed to me like a crazy field of opportunities  to make big things.

Social media is the Game Changer of my life.

Because I grow up in parallel to the development of social media, I was excited by the power it has every time I used it.

I present myself to the world by Facebook.

I promote the messages I believe in.

Social media networks are our main tool in the Public Diplomacy industry when through social media campaigns we lead to real actions (the site is a tool to promote the Roger Waters Video) .

Today I use it mostly for news updates and to connect my Family and friends back home. With the social network, I can sometimes feel like I’m almost there. The best example is my cousin’s wedding last Thursday. I was there the whole ceremony via FaceTime, crying from emotion and thankful to Mark Zuckerberg.


3 thoughts on “Why do I use social Media?

  1. I really liked reading about your perspective about social media. I find it interesting how you came across Facebook on a global perspective — by the time I reached middle school creating an account was incredibly common. But I couldn’t agree more with how social has evolved as we’ve grown up with it. It’s hard not to get sidetracked by all of the noise on the networks, but because you are able to share special moments with your family in real time is what social networks are all about. Reminds me of an Apple ad!

  2. I really enjoyed this post! It’s interesting to reflect on the ways that social media has shaped our coming-of-age stories, and as we move onward and upward, it keeps us connected to those we care about. Great job!

  3. I really enjoyed what you have written. It was interesting to see your take on FB from a global perspective rather than how I simply view it. Social media has really grown as we have and I thought that was great insight.

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