My Personal Influence Growth and Top 10 Tweets/Posts

When I first created my professional Twitter and Instagram account for this course I couldn’t wait. From both my Twitter and Instagram accounts, I learned how to effectively utilize engagement tools. I learned from actively posting on my accounts what worked and what didn’t work. From the number of retweets and comments I received, I learned how to garner my posts towards my small network of followers. The # of followers I started with on Twitter were 0 and I concluded with 58 followers. The # of followers I started with on Instagram was 0 and I concluded with 48. The % of growth for my Twitter and Instagram accounts were 100% because I started with 0.

The techniques that worked best for my top ten tweets this semester included posting funny relatable gifs, visuals and memes my followers can relate to. I included a variety of media formats including photos, videos and gifs. I also actively tagged other accounts in my posts to increase my engagement.

In this post, I used a funny hashtag paired with a comical image of my dog to garner 8 likes and one retweet. It had 539 impressions and 78% of total engagement. With rich media, I was able to create relevant and relatable content for my target audience.

For this post, I incorporated rich media and real-time content for my viral in class challenge. I wanted to include unique media paired with my #PeriscopeChallenge. This post got seven likes and one retweet. it got 362 impressions and 31% total engagement. I also used the #ICYMI for writing my post to gain follower growth.

For this post, we were required to tag someone and I wanted to incorporate something that was trending with one of my favorite Netflix movies. I used the new Netflix movie To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before to gain my follower’s focus and further search engine optimization strategies such as including a key hashtag and a gif for viewer engagement. This tweet got five likes, 350 impressions, and 17% total engagement.

In this post, I incorporated the trending hashtag #TuesdayMotivation to give my target audience, college students something to look at during their midterm weeks. I got 3 likes, 7 link clicks, and 241 impressions. I also got 20% total engagement. Using flow type content allowed for an increase in viewer engagement.

For this flow content, I wanted to target my content towards something relatable and that is junioritis. By tagging my followers in my post, I created greater user interaction and follower networking. This got 834 impressions, two likes and 17% total engagement. My post was interactive as my friends commented on it and was sharable.

For this Instagram post, I tagged and put the location as the Newhouse school to increase my follower network and to effectively engage my viewers. I got fifteen likes and 25% of total engagement. I used the class tag #Nhsmc as a way to facilitate growth for my account and for consistency. Tagging my #NewhouseAlumni also allowed me to better promote Newhouse.

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🌮🌮🌮🌮 #tacotuesday #nhsmc

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For my Instagram post, I celebrated the trending hashtag #TacoTuesday with my tacos and included the location to better promote the media. I got thirteen likes and 5 comments and 37.5%  of total engagement. I also included emojis to make my post more visually pleasing. With this flow content, it better optimizes my overall Instagram page.

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Dreaming about the next game day 💤 💤#nhsmc

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In this Instagram post, I gained eleven likes, one comment and 25% total engagement. I included this flow content and rich media because I wanted to further interact with my users. I incorporated game day with this post because it was the end of the weekend and was a fun post.

For my post, I got ten likes and four comments, I gained 29% total engagement. I posted this flow content during a popular time, the weekend. I wanted to incorporate the #SU community so Included #bleedorange and my best friends. I wanted to include rich content and with that in mind, I included three different popular emojis.

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Holy grilled cheese🙌🏻🤪

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For the last post of my top ten Instagram and Twitter posts, I included another food inspired post about grilled cheese. My post got ten likes, two comments and 25% of total engagement. I also included popular emojis to promote my post more. This image was carefully selected to curate my target audiences preferences and post selections.

The techniques that did not work for my Instagram and Twitter posts were including rich media with captions, sometimes it is better to let the image speak for itself and to pair it with few hashtags and emojis. I also learned it is best not to post similar content in the same week of each other, it is best to deliver unique fresh content. Some of my posts were not consistent with my content, and were often times randomized.



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