Personal Influencer Growth and Analysis


Follower Count

8/29: 130

11/28: 193

Percentage Growth: 48.46%


What Worked and What Didn’t Work

While looking back at my twitter analytics a few thinks that seemed to work was tapping into my followers and figure out what they like and tailoring my posts to their preferences. This helped increase engagement which helps to expand the exposure when posts are liked or shared by bigger accounts. Then I would hashtag according to my audience which will help other accounts find my account and follow me. Also @ certain accounts help bring those accounts to your post which helps the likelihood of that account engaging with your content. Following accounts under the same category or industry helps accounts notice your activity and follow you in hopes of getting a follow back. The most important factor that I learned to help grow a network and a following base is to create a brand for yourself and know who you are. When you are able to do that the correct @ and # you use will allow you to find your community on twitter and grow a solid network within.

What seemed to not work was solely text posts…. it seems that the content that gains the most views and impressions were rich media with pictures. What didn’t work was tweets with no hashtags or tweets where I retweeted with a comment. They seemed to not gain as much exposure and effectiveness as the original content that I created. Also if my posts deviated to far away from my main following base it didn’t seem to gain as much activity as the content that was tailored for my following base. Another realization I had was that the twitter community is much more critical and analytical compared to Instagram and Facebook. In the twitter space you have to make sure your content is strong and shows a new or different perspective to get a favorite or retweet, unlike Facebook and Instagram were these things aren’t weighted as heavily.


Impressions: 2,042 Engagement: 107  Engagement Rate: 5.23% Link Clicks: 80 Detail Expand: 12 Profile Clicks: 8

For this strategy I posted my meme with the caption visible but hidden so it would increase my click rate. Also I provided a call to action to my followers to help me reach a goal which will increase potential sharing/liking. Even though my engagement was not as high as I would like I was able to gain a huge impression amount from my promoted twitter ad.

Impressions: 905 Engagement: 153 Engagement Rate: 16.9% Followers: 1 Media Engagement: 89 Profile Clicks: 21

Looking at my following base I noticed a huge amount of them were or are rowers so I knew a post about rowing will get high engagement. I used this to my advantage by posting rich media and creating a general inspirational post behind it. Also I @ my team so that they could like it and I could reach a broader audience.

Impressions: 669 Media Views: 200 Engagement: 74 Engagement Rate: 11.1% Media Engagement: 39 

I took a similar route to my post above by providing content I knew my followers would like and share however I wanted to see if video format would change the amount of impressions/engagement. It seems that pictures gains more impressions and engagement as a whole comparatively to the video format.

Impressions: 6033 Engagement: 23 Engagement Rate: .4% Detail Expands: 14

This approach I choose to call out a well known account by using a ICYMI approach which gave me an extremely high impression count. I feel that if I added rich media such as a picture to this post it would have gave me a higher engagement rate, however, social media weeks like was able to bring out this post to a broad audience.

Impressions: 619 Media Views: 207 Engagement: 51 Engagement Rate: 8.2% Media Engagement: 38

This was my first attempt at using rich rowing media and I used this as inspiration in my other more popular tweets. This tweet showed me that my audience is heavily rowing related and that they will engage more with my content if it is rich media rather than text tweets.

Impressions: 976 Engagement: 28 Engagement Rate: 2.9% Detail Expands: 14 Hashtag Clicks: 2

This was a live event tweet that I posted which gained decent engagement and impressions. I decided to experiment and see how a tweet would do in the moment rather than after or before the fact. This showed me how I need to start implementing more #’s and showed me the value of @ popular accounts to gain more traction.

Impressions: 287 Engagement: 10 Engagement Rate: 3.5% Media Engagement: 4

This gained a higher engagement than my other live event tweets but did not generate as many impressions. I think I used a good amount of hashtags but I could of @ more accounts such as the university or Newhouse to help spread my reach.

Impressions: 317 Engagement: 25 Engagement Rate: 7.9% Media Engagement: 22

This post gained a solid engagement given the amount of impressions. This was rich media for the periscope challenge, I added some stay tuned tweets and “get prepared” to create hype and generate interest with my following base before this event.

Impressions: 299 Engagement: 30 Engagement Rate: 10% Media Engagement: 19

This post was to see how strong of a runners community my account had compared to my other following communities. This gained a decent engagement at a relatively low impression amount even though I was experimenting with a different audience base then my usual following.

Impressions: 391 Engagement: 24 Engagement Rate: 6.1% Detail Expands: 15 Hashtag Clicks: 1

This tweet was able to engage with another account and thank them for taking time out of their day to present to us. I also @ both the university and Newhouse to try to get a like or retweet which would help expand my audience and the reach of my tweet.

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