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How are modern social media impacting your relationships?

Social media allows me to extend my relationships beyond those in my immediate contact area or beyond people or are within close proximity to me on a daily basis. For example, I was studying abroad last semester in France and I befriended some international college students while I was there. I am now able to continue my relationships with those people through social media even though we are on two separate time zones and separated by the Atlantic Ocean.

Also, social media gives me the opportunities to learn more about my current friends and help me strengthen my relationships with them by connecting with them on another level through social media. When I view my friends’ Snapchats or Vines I am able to see a new hobby that they are doing or a favorite food that they like to eat or even see something that makes them angry and frustrated. Watching these things or reading my friends’ posts on social media demonstrates another side of them that I’ve never seen before or at the very least it allows me to learn something new about their personality.

The beauty, or complication, of social media is that I am always connected with my friends or family or even strangers without having to be in the same physical location as them. My relationships can sometimes feel burdened or overwhelmed because I am constantly connected to the other person, even if one of us doesn’t want to be connected all the time. This also relates to my question featured below in a tweet about how we can better use the tools we have, like social media, to maximize our impact on the world and how we can do that without feeling too much of the burden.

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