Personal Influence Growth and Analysis & Top 10 Tweets/Posts


At the beginning of this course I started fresh with a new Twitter, so my starting follower count was zero. As of 11/28 I had 33 followers. While I’m not a math expert, I believe this is technically a 3,300% increase. This is albeit a great way to express this change, perhaps to bolster a resume, it’s a bit dramatic for our purposes.

That said, there are a few factors I that I believed helped to facilitate this growth, and there are a few things I could do differently if I hope to experience more growth on this account in the future.

I think my use of rich media, popular topics, and hashtags helped to generate impressions and engagements on my tweets. However, had I tweeted more frequently, I think I would’ve gained more followers and had more influence. Had I also used more hashtags, tagged more influencer, and included more interactive elements like links and quote tweets from the start, I may have generated even more influence.



My tweet that received the highest amount of impressions had a little help from the #RoyalBaby.

Impressions: 1,932 Engagement: 51

This tweet worked in my opinion because it included a very popular hashtag and account at the time. People seem to lose their minds over any Royal news. It also included a piece of rich media that was interesting, and showed people something that was maybe obvious, but they hadn’t thought of.

My promoted tweet had the highest total engagement rate of all my tweets.

Impressions: 1,553 (163 organic) Engagment: 244 (12 organic)

A majority of this engagement came from the tweet promotion, but this tweet also received a relatively high amount of organic engagement for my account. This I believe is due to the rich media included in the tweet. Dog pics never seem to fail on social.

My next tweet received the highest organic engagement rate of all my tweets.

Impressions: 882 Engagement: 123

This tweet received lots of engagement because it was interactive, and included some sort of “call to action” in asking twitter users to follow me. Therefore there was a direct request to engage with this media. That said, some of the snap accounts that requested to follow me had, to put it nicely…. unsavory usernames. This made me feel that some of the engagement wasn’t entirely made in goodwill, but it was engagement nonetheless.

My personal favorite tweet for this class, was one that received impressions for a cause.

Impressions: 675 Engagement: 24

When Covergirl tweeted this it was a big announcement, so by quote tweeting their tweet, I was able to direct some of that traffic to my account. The success of this tweet I feel is also tied into the reasons for virality that we learned about. Covergirl saving animals evokes positive emotions and as a result, five likes. This is amongst the most likes I’ve gotten on a tweet.

My next tweet was actually my very first tweet.

Impressions: 269 Engagement: 15

This tweet is interesting because it made my top 10, even though I tweeted it when I had the fewest amount of followers. I actually have this tweet pinned on my account, which accounts for some of the additional traffic. Of course, I also have a powerful influencer (@jmgrygiel) tagged in it, which would generate some additional impressions, and even 3 likes, which is notable because at the time that I tweeted this, I had either zero or maybe one follower.

My next tweet received the help of an influencer to generate engagement.

Impressions: 228 Engagement: 8

This was tweeted during the 2018 American League Division Series, and Meredith Marakovits is the Yankees sideline reporter. The Yankees were a popular topic at this time. In that same breath, however, I wish I had either used “@Yankees” or #Yankees, because this was an easy opportunity to generate even more engagement or likes.

My next tweet was assisted by a popular twitter hashtag, and a popular event.

Impressions: 180 Engagement: 5

For a few days there was a lot of talk, and even outrage about Dunkin’ s name change, that has seemed to have now died down. I was able to capitalize on the tail end of this discussion with the use of #ICYMI. Again though, I wish I used another hashtag or two to go a bit deeper into the discussion.

My next post was my best instagram post from this semester.

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When your school looks prettier than you 😪#Nhsmc

A post shared by Georgiana Volturo (@georgianavolturo) on

This post used a visually pleasing photo, and what I believe was a witty caption, but I think most importantly, it used the Newhouse location. For this reason, I got likes from a more varied pool of instagram users. These included, class mates, Syracuse students not in the class, and even local Syracuse related accounts that followed me after I posted this. I think I could’ve gotten even more likes and engagement though, had I included some relevant hashtags. On instagram in particular, hashtags really help.

My next tweet was an earlier tweet, and I believe it reflects that.

Impressions: 176 Engagements: 3

This tweet received one like, because it was timely and topical. However, I believe I missed opportunities to use hashtags or tag accounts that might have helped this tweet receive more impressions and engagements. This is a simple insight, but it’s something that took me a bit longer to recognize and actually apply in my tweets.

My final post was my instagram post that received the second most likes.

This post again utilized a location, and I got likes and followers from local Syracuse accounts and students. This post was also helped by a hashtag, and the tagged Syracuse University account. I honestly think this post might have gotten the most likes on my account had it been a little prettier.

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