NHsmc Meme Social Media Advertisement Campaign


  • Over 500 views on Imgur
  • Gain at least three comments on Imgur

Twitter webcard

Twitter ads spend

Analyze campaign

The campaign seemed to work well on Imgur, as using hashtags with wide audiences, such as “funny” and “sports” helped draw in audience. The Twitter ads seemed to be semi-effective as well, drawing in a decent audience; however, while I did exceed my goals of 500 views, I did not get to my goal of three comments. Their probably wasn’t enough activity on Imgur itself, which is something I could have tried to encourage and/or rectify that. Maybe more of a call to action (i.e. “comment if you agree!”) and sharing on a wide sphere could have led to more comments. Also, maybe if I replied back to the one comment that is in there, that could have spurred conversation.

Final view number


2 thoughts on “NHsmc Meme Social Media Advertisement Campaign

  1. As a Celtics and basketball fan alike, I appreciate and enjoy your meme! I should have tried to implement a call to action for my meme, too. I think that would’ve helped. 859 is a great number of views!

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