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New York natives would just die if they found out that they looked like a tourist in their own city. This personality quiz will put any fears about that being a reality to rest. It’ll also show those who hope to move to the Big Apple how much brushing up on culture they need to do before living in the city that never sleeps.



To reach a vast audience with the common connection of New York City in order for them to complete the personality quiz.


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Although this post may not have gone “viral” in the BuzzFeed world, it is my post with the highest views. I found that the Twitter Ads did help drive traffic, quickly becoming the majority referral out of all social media platforms. However, I think that the spending process and the specific targets could have been refined.

A total budget of $5 was set for a 5-day window. The campaign was set at automatic bidding, but had spent all $5 by Monday morning. Even though  campaign was not over yet, all of the funds had been spent. I’m unsure if it was due to the requirement of putting in a daily cap for spending and my confusion as to what that should be, but I believe has something to do with it.

The specific targets I set for both physical location, hashtags and users varied and seemed to really epitomize my audience. When I got a notification that a random woman in Ohio had liked my tweet about an NYC BuzzFeed article, I knew that the targeting should have been narrowed as much as possible.

There definitely were some negatives to the campaign, but if you ignore all of the kinks that could easily be worked out, I believe that Twitter Ads definitely helped spread my article. It received 65 total views and 52 viral views, which I know I could not have reached from my regular social platforms.

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