I Finally Went Viral!! Is What I Hoped This Would be Titled, but I Didn’t Go Viral

Background: “Would you rather” posts can be seen on BuzzFeed’s homepage often and they have been one of the more successful post types for our Newhouse BuzzFeed class. This post uses the “would you rather” template incorporating choosing between celebrity best friends as the key question.

Objective: The objective is to advertise this post so that it will acquire views and shares on multiple social media platforms, Twitter being the main aggregator.

Unfortunately I have only had -$45 in my bank account the past couple weeks so I was unable to purchase any adds on Twitter.


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Analysis: Twitter got the most views for the post with 33 but Facebook was close behind with 26. This makes me think Facebook did better than Twitter because Twitter had four posts and Facebook only had one. I did get a burst of views at the end when I sent the link to a couple group chats with friends which pushed me over the 100 view mark, as before that I was around 80. Even 80 views was much more than any of my previous posts which topped out at 37 in 30 days.

The social media campaign was successful as I more than doubled any of my previous posts’ views. The ultimate goal was to be promoted, but once the post did not get promoted when it was first uploaded it was pretty doomed.

-Biko Skalla

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