Ok. Boomers Don’t Like #OkBoomer

The opposing views in these tweets are obvious. #OkBoomer has become pretty divisive. Though it’s a meme and has become viral online, it is also used as an actual insult and depends on the connotation and conversation. The differing views on #OkBoomer are especially interesting given the generational context of it. This one is just funny:

Boomers are known historically for putting millennials down and calling them lazy and entitled.

This hashtag turns the tables, and ironically, many boomers are getting upset, when they’ve been calling millennials sensitive.

It’s obvious there would be opposing views between generations, especially with one directly calling out the other, and this can be seen in these tweets. Some boomers have taken it very personally, calling it ageist.


Some have even said it’s the “n-word of ageism.”

On the other hand, a majority of millennials and gen z find it very fitting to called out boomers like this.

Within a matter of days, though, it blew up and has been overused, so much that a lot of fed up with it.

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