Patrick Star’s Meme Performance

Currently, all universities are meeting virtually for class times, since we are unable to meet in person. Both students and professors are adjusting to this new “normal” of video chatting through platforms like Zoom and Blackboard Connect. When classes first went online, there were many humorous memes created around this idea of “Zoom university”. The meme about the “Master of Zoom university” really inspired me because the student set up a video of himself taking notes to keep replaying during class, while he plays video games.

I began to think about all of the things that students may be doing while they are online for class and say that their camera and microphone aren’t working. I think this bit of light humor can make students laugh during these tough times.


The objective of this campaign was to achieve at least 300 views on Imgur.

Imgur Meme

Online classes be like…


A successful part of my marketing plan was sharing my meme in a GroupMe with my sorority, which is made up of 185 female college students. I chose this platform and this specific GroupMe because my target audience was college students. I shared the link to the meme with the caption “The most relatable meme rn” at 10 pm on 4/6. This was not originally a part of my marketing plan. However, I was unable to post on the Facebook College Humor Memes group which was a part of my original marketing plan because the group controls what is posted on their page. After sharing my meme in the GroupMe I received around 105 more views on my meme on Imgur.

I also shared my meme on the Syracuse University Class of 2021 Facebook page. I linked the Imgur URL for my meme with the caption “A meme of us right now…” on 4/3. This was successful because this group has 3, 443 members that are all college students.

The first tweet that I posted to promote my meme was not successful. I tweeted “The most relatable meme” with the Imgur URL around 1 pm on 4/4 because I figured it would reach students taking a break in between classes or that were using their phones during class time. However, I should have used hashtags to engage the communities that make up my target audience. Some hashtags that I could have used are #onlineclass or #collegememes.

I had originally planned to use two different pages on Reddit, College Memes and Spongebob Memes. However, when I attempted to post on these pages, the post was denied because I could not use the Imgur URL in my post. I could directly paste my meme into the post, however this would not help with my objective of achieving at least 300 views on Imgur. Therefore, I had to change my plan. I decided to post another tweet on 4/5, but this time I used the hashtags #spongebobmemes, #spongebob, and #coronavirusmemes. This post was moderately successful, in which I gained about 75 views on Imgur because I engaged relevant meme communities.

Final Engagement

In total, I received 1,934 views on my meme on Imgur. There were no derivatives created from my meme, however I accomplished my objective of achieving at least 300 views on Imgur.

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