Personal Influence Growth and Top 10 Tweets/Posts

When I first found out we were assigned to tweet for class, I didn’t know if I should make a new account or use my previous one. I have a good following on my personal account so I thought it would be easier to get more engagement and likes/retweets. However, I realized that I should have a professional account that I would be okay with anyone seeing. I found that people were less likely to follow me when they knew I was tweeting for class. Therefore, I think I could have gotten more followers had I used my personal account. I ended the semester with 32 followers on Twitter with a percentage growth of 100% and 70 followers on Instagram with a percentage growth of 100%.

Some techniques that I found to be helpful were posting things that are timely, relevant, and funny. It is important to respond and engage with others. Additionally, I found that when I tweeted to people with a huge following I never got any responses and it was more beneficial to target people with less of a following.

Over the semester, I tried to tweet things that would make people laugh. I was going through my camera roll and I found an old picture of when I was feeding my dog. I dropped the whole bag of dog food all over the floor. I found that when people can see a physical picture or video of your tweet it is a lot more effective than just writing, “Just dropped dog food all over the floor.” I got 10 likes, which is a lot for me considering I have 32 followers. I got 336 impressions and 53 engagements.

I really enjoyed making this gif but found it challenging to make a final decision what I wanted to write in the tweet. The gif itself is very funny, however it is all about what you write that will determine if users will enjoy it. I had a bunch of different ideas but in the end I wanted to make the tweet relatable. I chose this clip because it is from a very popular movie, White Chicks that many people have seen and I thought I would get more engagement. I ended up getting 4 likes, 281 impressions, and 10 engagements.

For this post I took a live video at Orange Theory Fitness. I tagged them in the Tweet and they ended up responding to me, which was really cool considering the account has 38.8 followers. I got one like, 478 impressions and 25 engagements.

This was the first Tweet I posted on my professional account and I surprisingly had a lot of trouble deciding on what I wanted to say. Since it was my first tweet, I had to think what kind of voice and tone I wanted to use. I decided to use a gif to make something that could be seen as a “boring tweet” into something much more exciting. It got 2 likes, 367 impressions, and 9 total engagements.

For this assignment we were asked to look up someone famous and write a tweet in their voice. Although this tweet isn’t anything that exciting, I find that people love reading anything inspirational. There is too much negative energy circulating Twitter and I wanted to remind my followers that no matter what is happening in their busy lives, it is never too late to start the day over. This was my third tweet and I got 5 likes, 338 impressions, and 21 engagements.

This tweet was for the viral content challenge. I got one retweet and 7 likes. I think people are more willing to give you support when you put yourself out there. I wanted to make it clear that my meme was a picture of me falling down the stairs, rather than a picture I got off the Internet. Also, I encouraged people to share it by simply saying, “Please share this.” I got 710 impressions and 74 engagements.

I think this tweet is very relatable, as a few people came in and joined the conversation. I used #junioritis to try and gain more interactions. This tweet got 2 likes, one response, 437 impressions, and 19 engagements.

When I tweeted this Drake came out with his new song, “In My Feelings.” It was extremely popular at the time and I thought many people would find this funny. I got one response, one like, 351 impressions, and 17 engagements.

Many of my followers are SU students and the weekend I tweeted this post was when we won the football game against Florida State. People care a lot about sports here so when I tweeted this I knew people would relate. Additionally, I added a picture of the score for those who don’t follow football. I got 3 likes on both of these tweets and I added #OrangeNation because I knew that was trending at the time. I got 349 impressions and 17 engagements.

I posted a picture of myself with one of my friends at our philanthropy event. This got 32 likes and two, which is a lot for me. I added in a lot of hash tags and from this I gained a lot of followers.

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