My Journey to Becoming an Influencer

Since August 29, 2018 I have gained 16 followers on Twitter, leading to a 5.8% growth in my Twitter following. I began the semester with 275 followers, and currently have 291. I believe that the biggest influence booster that I recognized was word of mouth or retweets by my friends. When my audience was expanded by trusted sources like friends, or if I was vouching for my own personal Twitter it was more likely to lead to someone following me. Furthermore, I also think that by making my twitter more active, it made me more recognizable for brands and notable twitter accounts, such as Digital Trends, leading to an increase in my followers.

Overall, my tweets that performed the best were the ones that had rich media attached to them and that were relatable to my followers. I also found that a lot of my tweets that had humor in them performed better than more “serious tweets”.

My top performing tweet for class was one that I created on Yom Kippur, and included a video of my parents and grandparents. I believe this tweet gained a lot of attention because it was funny and relatable, and also had a personal connection to me. A majority of my followers are close friends, who appreciate seeing funny videos of my family or friends.  This tweet had 19 likes, and 3 comments. I also learned how to create an internal Twitter video in this post.

Another one of my more popular tweets was when I learned how to use Google Analytics. I received 7 likes. Before I analyzed topics on Google, I recognized that I needed to find something that my followers would find both funny and interesting, so I decided to compare Jesus Christ and The Bachelor. This post was around the time of The Bachelor finale, so it was also very timely.

My next popular tweet was when I learned how to create my own gif. I chose to make a gif from a popular viral video, and create a caption that was tailored to myself, but still relatable to a college audience. It worked well and I had 8 likes and 2 comments.

My next tweet that gained a lot of attention was one where I utilized the practice of timeliness and was able to create a tweet within minutes of an event happening. Because many people typically watch TV while also mindlessly scrolling on their phones, my tweet got a lot of traction. I gained 9 likes, 1 reply, 765 impressions, and 167 total engagements.

My next tweet was a quote tweet reply that related to my followers because of the college level content. It was a gunny gif that was included (which the account has unfortunately since taken down), which I think initially got my followers to like the tweet. I had 5 likes, 10 total engagements, and 455 impressions.

My next top tweet was one of the first tweets that I posted with the #NHsmc attached to it, and I was surprised with the engagements I got. I think that because the content was interesting and made people think a little bit it was able to gain more traction than some of my past tweets. I had 6 likes and 86 total engagements. I also particularly like this tweet because it made me look at social media a little differently in the world around me, and I hope it had the same impact on my followers.

My next most popular tweet was also from the beginning of our class, and I shared my personal desk space with my followers. I think this earned a lot of impressions because it was a more personal look into my life, but I also made sure to take an aesthetic photograph so that my followed would enjoy looking and engaging with it. I earned 9 likes and 1 reply, and a total of 128 total engagements.

My next tweet still made it into my top 10 most popular tweets, but did not have the same engagement as some of my other top tweets. I think this is because even though it was interesting content, it was not something that too many of my followers care too much about. Ultimately, the use of media was able to gain me some likes and I had 3 likes, 1 reply and a total of 28 total engagements.

My next top tweet was when I learned how to create a poll on Twitter. I was able to get 17 people to respond to the poll. I made a funny yet relatable poll so that my followers would be inclined to vote and participate. Overall I had 17 responses to my poll, 2 replies and a total of 25 engagements.

The last of my top ten tweets only gained 3 likes, but I believe that the photos I posted with the tweet was the reason that some of my followers had their attention grabbed and engaged with the tweet even if they did not like it. I had 32 total engagements and 3t total likes.

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