Personal Influence Growth

My overall follower growth on Twitter increased but not as much as I had hoped. I gained 20 followers, but I think if I was more active I would’ve increased by a lot more. It went from 138 to 158 over the course of this semester. I think that’s because some days I didn’t tweet at all, and other days I was tweeting a lot. When I used emojis I got a lot more engagement, and when I tagged people my follower count increased. This is because my tweets were exposed to more people. I tweeted a lot about country music, and new artists would follow me. I actually started talking to one and he gave me advice on the music industry. I was so excited and will start engaging with new artists more often. Also, I usually got more engagement when I created my own tweets than when I retweeted something. In the future I think I’ll reach out to people more instead of only tweeting my thoughts. I need to start using twitter for more than it’s basic functions. Between analytics and Tweetdeck, there are plenty of tools that can help me make it better than it is.

I was getting kind of frustrated because I wasn’t seeing my Klout score increase as quickly as I wanted to. It went up slowly when I started to get more engagement. I guess I expected it to increase a lot after every tweet that was really engaging, but I don’t think it works that way. It really takes some time to build a good Klout score and consistency is key so people get to know your style, voice and tone. I’m going to try to be more consistent with my tweets with my new techniques and see if my score starts going up faster. Even though my followers increased, there is more that goes into the Klout score. My topics include books and writing, but music needs to be added. Music is one of the biggest things that I tweet about, along with new artists. Blogging has been a bog part of this semester for me, so that was also one of my biggest topics.

My top media tweet is when I made a collage of some San Francisco pictures, a few weeks after I got back. It got 208 impressions, which for me is pretty high. Most of my tweets only get one or two likes, so I was happy to see this one get 5. I think giving people visuals evokes more emotion in them, which causes them to like it more than if it were just text. My top tweet was an interesting one, because I quote tweeted something a new country artist tweeted. It got over 800 impressions, which is unheard of for my profile. That is why I’m going to start quote tweeting and really engaging with up and coming artists more. Not only because it’s what I want to do for my career, but also because it helps get my name out there more. I was looking at a lot of my top tweets, and most of them involved someone else in the tweet! This was a great learning experience because I wasn’t thinking about how including other people would effect my twitter. It’s interesting how some of my top tweets had low engagement rate but high impressions. Let’s take a look at my top ten tweets, what my thought process was while creating them and what I learned from their analytics.

My Top Ten Tweets:

Impressions: 166 Engagement: 2 Engagement Rate: 1.2%

For this post, I was trying to reach out to ET and even though I didn’t get a response from them it got a good amount of impressions. I think in the future I’ll say something more engaging or ask a question in the hopes of getting their attention. I learned in class to be subtle so I don’t scare them away but engaging at the same time.

Impressions: 167 Engagement: 8 Engagement Rate: 4.8%

This post got a good amount of engagement and I think the reason for that is a lot of students recognized their work or that of their friends. Next time I do a social media in real life post I think I’ll want to incorporate people.

Impressions: 182 Engagement: 4 Engagement Rate: 2.2%

This post had a lot of impressions because a lot of my classmates saw it. My professor proved to us that using the right hashtag(s) is very important to target specific groups of people. If I used #dogs I probably wouldn’t have gotten as many impressions, because nobody would have been able to relate and my classmates wouldn’t have seen this.

Impressions: 133 Engagement: 2 Engagement Rate: 1.5%

One of my new favorite things is including people I look up to in my tweets. This was a great exercise, and I wanted to reach out to those that work with personal development, because they inspire me the most! The engagement right was decent, and I think next time I’ll ask them a question such as, “What has been your favorite book to write so far?”

Impressions: 708 Engagement: 10 Engagement Rate: 1.4%

This was one of my favorite tweets, and I learned a lot from it. Eric Etheridge is an up and coming country artist, and he has almost 5,000 followers. Professor Grygiel taught us to reach out to them before they have millions of followers, and it worked! He liked and retweeted my quote tweet, and has been replying to most of my tweets to him. In my opinion artists should always be engaging with their fans, but I get why is gets harder as their popularity grows. I was shocked at the number of impressions this got, but it’s because of his following.

Impressions: 159 Engagement: 2 Engagement Rate: 1.3%

This was one of my first twitter polls, and I love doing them. I think I’ll do one once a week from now on because not a lot of people do. It causes people to stop and think, so I really try to as engaging questions that are relevant to my target audience. I’m not going to ask what their favorite band from the 70’s is. I’m always going to ask things relating to media, music, or personal growth, because that reflects who I am. I wish I got more impressions and engagement, but I learned in class that a good way to do that is to constantly retweet it when relevant events are occurring around the subject.

Impressions: 178 Engagement: 6 Engagement Rate: 3.4%

This tweet was a little awkward for me to be honest, because I’m not great friends with the person’s media I used. I’m only friends with a small portion of my followers, but I think I want to start engaging in conversation instead of just watching my feed. The engagement rate was pretty high for what I’m used to, and I think it’s because it took my followers to a different place.

Impressions: 844 Engagement: 14 Engagement Rate: 1.7%

Ok, this tweet was awesome. I couldn’t have timed it better because it was during March Madness, so people were extra interested in what I was saying (at least I think so). 844 impressions is high for me, and so is 14 engagements. Not only did I tag the same artist as before, but I jumped into conversation and it paid off.

Impressions: 279 Engagement: 6 Engagement Rate: 2.2%

I used two different social media platforms for this post, which is something we learned in class that will help make our tweets more engaging. I used Boomerang and then tweeted it using one of the trending hashtags. I used a variety of activity and it paid off with the number of impressions I got. I used faces because I think people like that more than simply words, and a lot of people were looking at it because of the trending hashtag.

Impressions: 210 Engagement: 22 Engagement Rate: 10.5%

Using collages is one of my new favorite things on Twitter. I like giving people a variety of “behind the scenes” looks into my adventures. As you can tell by the impressions, a lot of people saw it and it had a high engagement rate. I really wanted to bring back a very important trip I took all by myself, in the hopes of inspiring others to do the same.

Impressions: 171 Engagement: 12 Engagement Rate: 7.0%

I was trying to pull off the zoom effect with this tweet. I think it’s so funny and I hoped others did too. I remember gaining some dog loving followers after using #germanshepard, and the high quality picture helped my engagement rate. It makes me want to start a twitter page for my dog. I was trying to replicate a common trend I saw people doing with pictures (the zoom effect).

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