My Personal Influence Growth Analysis and Top 10 Tweets

Part 1: Personal influence growth analysis

Before this class, I never posted on my Twitter account. I felt nervous that I might not get any engagement on Twitter. However, after this three-month learning and practice on social media process. My Twitter followers increased from 10 to 31, with 210% of growth. During this period of time, I lost some of my followers but still keep obtaining new followers by posting more content.

My Klout Score improved from 21 to 24. There was once my Klout score went up to 28 because a top influencer in the advertising industry, Cindy Gallop liked one of my reply. However, my Klout score went down because I didn’t constantly keep engaging with big influencers.

There are a couple of important techniques I learned from this class. First, it’s to increase the media richness. Most of my top engaging tweets included different types of media, high quality pictures and emoji really helped with my influence growth. Second, it’s to start conversation with people are more influential than you. People will respond to a sincere reply or a mention on Follow Friday. However, a quote tweet was not that effective during my practice. The third one is the timing. The date and the time of the day both have influence on the engagement of the tweet. Integrated with weather, special holidays, trending events will help to increase engagement.

Part 2: My top 10 Tweets


Likes: 1; Comments: 1; Engagement rate: 11.1%

I took a picture of the sunset at Newhouse one day and added an engaging filter using Instagram. I tweeted this picture with #sunset, which is always an engaging hashtag I learned from class. I also put a sun emoji to make the media richer.



Likes: 5; Engagement rate: 14.6%

I shared my positive workshop experience at 360i agency right after our workshop finished. I mentioned @360i and also used two hashtags related to advertising industry. I think mentioning accounts with a large follower group, like 360i here, helps me to increase the engagement rate. And I had one new follower after this tweet.



Engagement rate: 23.9%

I created a twitter poll with a simple question “If you can only have one pet, do you want to have a dog or cat?” I chose this topic because people are always interested and engaged in conversations related to puppy. I used #pet and #puppylove in the tweet and got 5 votes at last.



Likes: 6; Comments: 3; Retweets: 2; Engagement rate: 7.8%

I think this is my most engaging tweet. I posted the top view of 360 Chicago during my spring break. I mentioned the official account @360chiviews and used the hashtag which it encourages visitors to use. I also tagged my location in real time. I got immediately retweeted from 360 Chicago, which helped me to get more likes and retweets.



Likes: 2; Engagement rate: 5.4%

I post this tweet on a snowy day and created a collage with pictures I took on campus and while I went skiing. Different emoji related to the content were incorporated in the tweet in order to make the media richer.



Likes: 4; Comments: 1; Engagement rate: 7.6%

On one Friday, I joined in the conversation of #FollowFriday. Due to my limited followers, I decided to target on SU alumni, the community which is easier for me to connect with on Twitter. So I mentioned two advertising master students from last year and also a guest speaker I had in the boot camp. Surprisingly, two of them immediately responded. And also mentioning @SUAlums helped me to get more likes.



Likes: 3; Engagement rate: 2.6%

This is my first tweet. And the important technique I took away here is the use of hashtag #myfirstTweet helped me to have the first few follower.



Likes: 2; Engagement rate: 3.0%

I used a picture I took when I was at my hometown, then added a filter, text and also a sticker on the picture. I also cropped it to make sure it’s a title safe picture. Besides, I also used #Homesick to promote my content.



Likes: 1; Engagement rate: 1.6%

I picked up some trending emoji and used them to tell a simple story, my emotional change from Monday to Sunday. I think it’s a quite interesting way to use emoji. I also chose Thursday to post it so that I can join in the conversation related to #ThursdayThoughts.



Engagement rate: 0.8%

Although this tweet didn’t perform well on engagement, but it has relatively big impressions considering my follower numbers. I made a gif using the video I took in Sandiego Zoo and also mentioned @sandiegozoo in my tweet.


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