@rafyevans’s Twitter Roundup

Part 1:

When I first started this class, I had 1,313 followers on Twitter. All 1,313 of them were my pride and joy and showed the triumphs of a teenage era born out of social media. It took six years of fandoms and development in my voice to grow that following. The interesting part of my early Twitter years were I didn’t allow people that knew me in real life to follow me, as my account was more of a hidden identity. When I made the switch to be a personally branded account, I formed relationships with people online that hadn’t ever even met me in person.

So when this class came along, I felt very strong about my personal brand online. I was the girl that tweeted about boy bands, Harry Styles, a lot of magazine journalism, entertainment, and pop culture. Those were my lanes. Adding classmates to that mix was something that I knew would help expand my network, but were never my direct audience. I didn’t want to be tweeting things about dogs or “relatable content”. Those were never my lanes online, they didn’t exist within my brand guidelines.

When it came to growing my following, the things that worked were the times I was very authentic in my language. Talking about magazines has always been a passion of mine. Anytime I engage with a new article a journalist has written, the journalists most always engage with it. Sometimes, they’ve even followed me. I’ve been catering to some of these journalists for years, which obviously takes time, but the follows are worth it. Anytime I tweet about pop culture relating to Harry Styles or One Direction, the tweets perform very well. My followers can expect to see hot music or album takes or any talks about industry gossip. That also shows that my following, while a little more grown up now, still consist of a lot of retired fangirls.

Tweets that have links don’t always perform as well, unless linked to an article I’m referencing them to. Media-rich tweets do decently well, depending on the content of them. Interactive gifs perform decently well as well, if used ironically. Memes absolutely do not perform well on my Twitter.

I finished the semester with 1,328 follows, only a whole 15 more than where I started. My percent growth was 1.14%. Within those 15, there are three journalists that I have been obsessed with for some time. A few of the rest are artist/songwriter accounts because I have @sonymusicu in my bio due to a previous internship. Those people think I can get them a record deal, but really I just wanted the internet clout.


Part 2:

This tweet was my most successful tweet from the semester, which I’m not entirely surprised because it tagged 3 very active, prevalent journalists on Twitter. Using the #FollowFriday assignment, I chose women that were writing stories that were spreading quickly on the internet that I was enjoying. They each three engaged with the tweet by quote tweeting it and adding their thanks for my original comment. They represent strong publications like Rolling Stone and Teen Vogue, so their audience is definitely something I was drawn to. This was the week that the Supreme Court Judge conversations were happening and these three women were writing heavily about the coverage. I think it was a tactic to seem empathetic towards their actions, praise them for their work, and show my support for their efforts. I ultimately was very happy with the outcome of this tweet.


Impressions- 627, Total Engagements- 33, Profile Clicks- 14, Detail Expands-9, Likes- 7, Hashtag Clicks-2, Replies-1


I LIVE for New York City ice cream shops and spent a lot of time the past two summer documenting my ice cream adventures. I wanted to include media-rich photos that were artistic but clean looking, while also adding the popular hashtags of #fall and #nyceats to share with the NYC eating community. I think that the tweet did well because the photos are nice and easy to engage with. Just based on the media engagements and detail expands show that people were taking a moment to look at the photos instead of just scrolling by it. I think that shows that if used correctly, media rich tweets do very well on my twitter. My audience loves New York City based on audience demographic and who doesn’t love ice cream?


Impressions- 540, Total Engagements- 77, Media Engagements- 52, Likes-13, Detail Expands 11, Hashtag Clicks-1


People don’t really know a ton about University Union from the inside, so I knew I wanted to show an insider look when we were asked about “in-real-life social media”. We call them “snaps” and I wanted that to come across. Adding a photo also let you zoom in to read the different snaps that are left on the wall. Media engagements were very high with this tweet. There were snaps relating to Syracuse students, so I believe that’s why people spent time reading the snaps I tweeted. I tried to rearrange them a little to give a good narrative that could be portrayed through one solo visual. I was interested that I got a few profile clicks, which makes sense since this was one of the first assignments. I would assume that people probably tracked the #nhsmc hashtag then followed me once seeing I was part of the class.


Impressions- 522, Total Engagements- 92, Media Engagements- 68, Detail Expands-14, Likes-6, Profile Clicks-2, Link Clicks-1, Hashtag Clicks-1

Julie Kosin is a Newhouse alum who is in charge of audience strategy for Harper’s Bazaar, so for the newhouse network assignment, I knew I wanted to engage her. I’m really interested in her work and needed a way to make a sort of online introduction and this assignment gave me the opportunity. She actually ended up replying to the tweet that she was flattered and now favorites some of my tweets. I think she might’ve clicked the class hashtag as well to try to see what the assignment pertained to. I wanted to include the emojis to make it a little less serious but also reflect my online voice and tone.


Impressions- 392, Total Engagements- 19, Detail Expands-6, Hashtag Clicks-5, Profile Clicks-4, Likes-3, Replies-1


Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson were just such a big part of this week so I thought to use our Twitter poll assignment to gauge my audience. I was a little disappointed that only 7 people voted, since I’ve had upwards of 30-40 votes on a poll depending on the topic. I also think that this could have done well had I framed the poll differently and chose different wording. I think people really didn’t know how to feel about Pete and Ariana so they didn’t vote. I also think my audience didn’t care too much about Ariana Grande, until recently actually. If I redid this poll, I’d be interested to know how it would perform today.


Impressions-501, Total Engagements-12, Votes-7, Profile Clicks-2, Replies-1, Likes-1, Detail Expands-1


I quote tweeted my own tweet here, playing with the idea of self-promoting my own previous content. I don’t really do that often, but I wanted people to engage with the thread I had tweeted about prior. It was about an experience I had with a horrific older man during a industry conference I was really excited about attending. Not too many people engaged with it, but I did have people who DM’d me following it asking to talk about the situation. I think that was such an interesting part of it. The tweet actually sparked conversation in different avenues so I was thankful for RTing my previous tweet in that context.


Impressions-493, Total Engagements-6, Likes-3, Hashtag Clicks-3

This is actually just a really concise example of my voice online. I joke about being an influencer literally all the time because I think it would both be torture, yet hysterical if it ever happened. I wanted to promote my instagram for the assignment, but it is also my most frequently used social media so it made sense to cross promote. Even if I only got 2 link clicks, I think people probably laughed a little more at the voice I portrayed while writing it. I still would love to be an influencer. So like if you have some detox tea products, hit me up.


Impressions- 278, Total Engagements-14, Likes-4, Hashtag Clicks-4, Link Clicks-2, Detail Expands-2, Profile Clicks-2


I made a thread talking about different songs I associated with college, since my final Juice Jam was quickly approaching. I am very highly interested and engaged in music and I wanted that to come across on my Twitter. I tweet about music quite often, but I wanted to grounded it in something that other people could relate to. By latching it onto college memories, it told a more narrative element to my life which was authentic. I loved that a lot of friends that were associated with the memories would favorite the tweets that pertained to them.


Impressions- 522, Total Engagements-18, Detail Expands-12, Likes-2, Profile Clicks-2, Replies-1, Hashtag Clicks-1


I’m really not the dog-girl on Twitter. That’s not my lane, not my humor, not my end-all-be-all interest. I do love my little pup and thought it would be a good way to jump into this already existing conversation happening between Annie and Sara. This got a decent amount of engagements and media engagement. I credit that to having a very cute dog, Lacey, who photographs well. I think adding the #AdoptDontShop also could have expanded the reach for this tweet.


Impressions-159, Total Engagements-24, Detail Expands-10, Media Engagements-7, Likes-3, Profile Clicks-2, Replies-1, Hashtag Clicks-1


I am a die hard Fashionista.com fan, but it really is only because I love the journalists that work there. Alyssa Vingan is the editor in chief, and is a character on Twitter. She loved Bella Hadid, so I knew I wanted to engage her in some way for the influencer challenge assignment. She’s very active on social, but I knew that she might be busy during New York Fashion Week. I follow her on Instagram and was looking for a time where she was instagramming or uploading to her story to send this tweet. Since the schedules are very strict at fashion week, I wanted to maximize the opportunity for her to potentially see it.  She ended up favoriting the tweet, which was very cool. I respect her so much and now a lot of her journalists have started to follow me as well. I really don’t care much about the fashion world, however her staff has some of the best Twitter accounts I’ve encountered. Having relationships with them could never hurt and I’m happy to have been able to build them through tweets like these. I think they appreciate being seen for interests not just for their jobs. It gives them a sense of authenticity and makes them feel a little more approachable. Alyssa is really an idol of mine, so to have her notice this tweet was really incredible.


Impressions- 497, Total Engagements- 6, Likes- 2, Hashtag Clicks-2, Detail Expands-1

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