ROAD TO MOST IMPROVED (Viral Content Challenge Campaign Analysis) #champ

Viral Content Challenge Campaign Analysis


Measurable Goals from Marketing Plan

  • My goal is to reach 750 views on imgur
  • To reach at least 1000 impressions on twitter with at least a 15% engagement rate
  • Also, multiple likes on the tweet
  • Finally, at least 1 retweet


  • My audience is students within the age range of 16-24 who know of Bill Nye and had to watch his informational videos during school. I will promote my content to my group chats media feed to help gain initial traction and rely on my twitter promotion to help elevate my views


Twitter, Facebook, Imgur, reddit, Instagram, GroupMe, blogs, and messenger

Editorial Calendar

Date Time Platform Post Media
11/5/18 6:00pm ET Twitter Everyone’s a scientist these days… #ViralMemeChallenge #NHsmc Image accompanying tweet
11/6/18 10:00am ET reddit Everyone’s a scientist these days… image
11/8/18 12:00pm ET GroupMe and messenger to friend groups Check out this meme I made! link
11/10/18 12:00 pm ET Twitter Web card Everyone’s a scientist these days… webcard
11/11/18 12:00 pm ET Facebook/ Instagram Everyone’s a scientist these days… check out my original media Link accompanied with post
11/12/18 12:00 pm ET Twitter Last push to reach my goal on my social media viral challenge just check out my meme to help me out! link


I will use twitter analytics to measure all my objectives and make sure I stay on track. If I am not hitting the engagement or impressions I need I will start to implement more posts to different audience groups and accounts to help grow my exposure.


Budget Items Points
Twitter analytics $[5]
paper [1]
Total $[6]


Imgur Meme (Views:2,775)

Looks like everyone is a scientist these days…


Twitter Webcard


Twitter Advertisment Engagement and Spent

Ad Campaign



While thinking about this project I believed the best course of action was to spend the 5 dollars all in one day. My thinking was I wanted a spike in promotion all in one day to reach a big audience and gain huge exposure with my higher bidding budget. Then I used other media channels to promote my content throughout the entire week. This idea helped me reach most of my marketing objectives in this campaign getting 2 retweets, 2 likes, 378 organic impressions and 1,559 promoted impressions with an engagement rate of around 5%. Throughout the day I toggled with each of the settings to change my target audience based on age, geography, device, accounts, and etc. to most effectively promote my ad to gain a more effective engagement. Then each additional day I used other platforms like GroupMe, Reddit, Facebook, Messenger, Blogs, and Instagram to target my audience in other media spaces. This allowed me to continue to grow as the week went on and expand my reach. I think the most effective free media I used was Reddit which allowed me to drop my link into communities I believed would be interested in my meme. During this day I noticed a bigger jump in views compared to the other free media I implemented during the challenge. I also direct messaged many memes accounts in the same category as my meme to see if I could get an support from other established meme pages with my content. Even though I wasn’t able to get a response from these meme pages I believe they at the very least viewed it themselves which helped me. Overall with a now better understanding of how each of these media spaces works I believe if I did this challenge again I could hit ~5000 views with an increased focus on Blog and Reddit communities. However, I feel that the topic of your content plays a strong role in how you approach this challenge and where to focus your channeling.


Final Engagement #: 2,775 views

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