Social Media: Bringing us together or tearing us apart?

Is social media bringing us together or tearing us apart? The answer to this question is not black and white. There are many grey areas however, after reading Zuckerbeg’s speech from the  Facebook Community Summit I agree with him that yes, social media is indeed brining the world closer together.

It is only fair to address both sides of this argument when making the point that social media is bringing the world together. Some people believe that social media exposes youth to too much information and this can impact them negatively.

Although this statement is credible it is important to highlight the positive information that people are exposed via social media that actually betters them.

One example of this is the Facebook group “UPS Dogs.” According to BuzzFeedNews  this group is made of UPS drivers from across the country who post fun photos and videos of dogs they meet on the job.“Five years ago, McCarren was inspired to start a Facebook group — a community of sorts — for him and other UPS drivers to share photos and videos of their pup friends.” BuzzFeedNews.

Not only does this group bring joy to the members but it has gained a following of individuals across all different social media platforms who get to enjoy the content as well.


It is clear that despite the fact that there are negatives to social media, it is indeed bringing the world together!


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