The proper way to prepare for finals week

Background- Originally I did a social media marketing plan surrounding a “magic microwave” where all you had to do is ask for what you wanted and it appeared, and this was sort of a play off of a movie I had seen. But in reality it was relatable, but wasn’t good enough to go viral, so I thought of a plan more people would be able to identify with. I produced a video of myself “preparing” for finals week with three glasses of wine and smacking my roommates hand away when she goes to grab a glass.

My goals and objectives of this was to give my peers a lighthearted video to be able to agree with– the stress of finals ultimately makes people want to consume alcohol (sometimes) but wine is usually seen as a relaxer and I felt as if people would think it is funny and would share it on their pages as well, which was what my objective was.

My previous microwave idea did not work, for I found a lot of people thought it was funny but not sharable, but the wine one got a lot of buzz. I had friends texting me telling me how funny and relatable it was, which was exactly what I wanted.

I had trouble embedding the video from facebook so I attached the link. It’s public so anyone should be able to see it. I embedded the Youtube video below as well.

A fun little viral video i made for my #NHBuzzfeed class this semester! This is exactly how i prepared for finals

Posted by Giana Asterito on Sunday, December 17, 2017


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