Journal Article Discussion: Social Factors in User Perceptions and Responses to Advertising in Online Social Networking Communities

In our journal article, a study was performed to help determine the social factors that help inform responses to advertisements on social media.  In today’s society, a majority of the information we receive comes from social media outlets, and these sites have to tiptoe the line between having advertisements as well as providing an uninterrupted experience for the user.  The study discovered three things that would benefit advertisers when trying to appeal to certain audiences.  The first in understanding social identity and group norms.  By having a strong sense of a community that a large group can ally itself with, then it is much easier for a company to target a sector of the market that they are strong in.  The other big discovery was perceived ad value, so when the ad is relevant to the viewer, they are more likely to engage.  Lastly, we looked into the Adobe/Pagefair report regarding AdBlock, and how this will affect the revenue streams of advertisers and how it changes the location of their advertising.

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