Growing Up: One Tweet at a Time

At the humble beginning of the semester I had a whopping 162 followers, each one of which I was quite proud. But now after an entire semester of learning about how to do it right I have 208 followers, which is pretty cool. Most consisted of personal friends and people I know from #InRealLife. But […]

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Spreading the word of #GetOverMe

Thank you @elvisduranshow for playing my song #getoverme — Nick Carter (@nickcarter) November 30, 2015 Our new song #GetOverMe is available now!! — Avril Lavigne (@AvrilLavigne) November 29, 2015 If you like what you heard, you can download #GetOverMe here: — Nick Carter (@nickcarter) November 30, 2015 #GetOverMe 💕💕 Who's Excited? […]

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Good Storytelling through Song

What makes a good story?   A good story isn’t just a beginning, middle, and end. A good story makes you feel something, relate with the narrator, or leaves you wanting to know more. What’s interesting about songwriting is that the authors can make you feel so much without having to use words. By using […]

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