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This semester has been one of the most intense and fast paced I’ve ever had. It feels like it went so quickly even though it’s only been a few months since I started learning about the intricacies of social media in COM 600. I started the year off with a ghost town of a Twitter in the sense that I hadn’t been active on the service in a couple years. I initially got it to connect with personal friends and post funny commentary about my life (that nobody cared about or engaged with). Now I use Twitter as an RSS Feed for news about the world, the music industry, and other causes I care about. I also feel as though it’s important to use Twitter as a lifeline to stay connected not only to world news, but internet news and the different things that are happening in internet media in general.

Taking COM 600 has taught me a lot about how to micro blog correctly to garner more engagement from other users. Twitter, when used effectively, can become a powerful networking tool and portfolio piece linking together works of mine, articles I think are cool, and ideas I’ve had from years past and to come. Here are 10 of my best Tweets from the semester

167 Impressions  |  7 Engagements  |  4.2% Engagement Rate

I wanted to engage some influential music industry powerhouses in order to try to snag a follow or two. I wasn’t followed by any of them, but it was a step in the right direction.

170 Impressions  |  11 Engagements  |  6.5% Engagement Rate

This is an infographic I made to address the current state of the digital music biz. Knowledge is important and learning about how people consume music products will be important for me to know in the coming years. I managed to snag a couple favorites and a fairly decent engagement rate!

231 Impressions  |  13 Engagements  |  5.6% Engagement Rate

Who doesn’t love cats. I wanted to make a funny post for National News Engagement Day and cat pics always get a lot of likes on Instagram, so I thought I’d try on Twitter. Best Tweet so far with 13 engagements! Glad to support Newhouse and our quest for social media domination.

255 Impressions  |  8 Engagements  |  3.1% Engagement Rate

I thought this was a clever Tweet when I drafted it, and I still do today. I tried my hand at making a little .gif showing how minimalist com theory is applied to the pedagogy behind the products we use everyday.

497 Impressions  |  12 Engagements  |  2.4% Engagement Rate

I love Binkbeats and I wanted to support his awesome music and support my homework at the same time. This had the highest number of impressions out of any Tweet I’ve ever had, which may be because it’s a rich format of media and it garnered a decent number of engagements.

122 Impressions  |  1 Engagements  |  0.8% Engagement Rate

I managed to win tickets on Facebook through a random contest and I wanted to make a post about it on both Twitter and Facebook. My Facebook post got a lot of engagement and comments from the band, but I guess my Twitter game isn’t strong enough to drive more than a single engagement. But I was proud of this post and I feel as though if I’d posted some media content with it I’d have gotten more impressions and engagement.

426 Impressions  |  3 Engagements  |  0.7% Engagement Rate

I love this song so much and I was listening to it whilst doing my homework and felt like it’d make a cool post. I wanted to engage with the lead singer of the band and use some lyrics in the actual Tweet to attempt to be clever, and it worked because the lead singer hit me with a favorite! A lot of impressions too, my second highest yet. I’m noticing that music vids drive impressions more than other kinds of posts.

223 Impressions  |  13 Engagements  |  5.8% Engagement Rate

One of my jobs at school is teaching the studio recording classes while they work on their semester projects. This was my highest amount of likes on a Tweet so far, which I’m proud of. Gotta love the sweet pic of the faders too.

112 Impressions  |  6 Engagements  |  5.4% Engagement Rate

I had just attended the Audio Engineering Society conference the week before and checked out these mics. You never know what could happen when you engage with a brand, so I tried it out in hopes to get some engagement, a sticker, discount, or literally anything. SE Electronics hit me with a favorite, so thats a good start.

102 Impressions  |  3 Engagements  |  2.9% Engagement Rate

My last best Tweet of the semester isn’t my top Tweet, nor does it have a ton of engagement or impressions. But I’m proud to take a stand for what I believe in and what many others on our campus are working so hard for. The #BlackLivesMatter movement isn’t going away anytime soon and the more knowledge and awareness can be spread about these issues the better. I linked the article written by the Daily Orange about an important panel discussion held last month and tagged Padraic because he had created a similar post that day and I wanted to engage him.

My top Tweets have had different types of media embedded, including infographics, articles, pictures, .gifs, and videos. The most engagement occurred on posts with pictures or videos, but on the video posts the impressions were much higher. This makes me think back to learning about Media Richness Theory, which could explain why more impressions were made on a richer source of media.

I learned so much this semester and have taken my Twitter handle from mediocre to on-its-way-to-greatness status. I look forward to using many of these different types of Tweets in the future to bolster my professional presence on social media.

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