Influence Growth & Analysis

Part 1: Influence

Over the past 3 months, I found that I have gained 15 followers. I started with 20, and ended up having 35. That means that my growth percentage is 75% from the start of this semester to the end of the semester! As far as engagements and impressions go, I have earned 56,400 engagements in this period of time.

What worked in growing my audience was reaching out to people. That sounds like an obvious answer, but I never really thought communicating with others would acquire follows in return. Through this a writer with 400,000 followers retweeted me and followed me! In addition to this, I think that content was really a huge push for me in growing my audience. If the content was more complex or not relatable, people would not engage with my tweets nearly as much as if I added more impressive content. What did not work for me was definitely tweet promoting–shocking, but I thought it made my tweet seem less genuine and I ended up having people comment nasty things after seeing it was promoted. I also felt that scheduling tweets did not work for me; while for others this could be a great way to still get out a message in a time  constraint, I felt as if my voice lost relevance even if the tweet was meant for a month in advance.


Part 2: Top 10 Tweets/ Posts

This was my top tweet from this account using the hashtag. It had 553 impressions, 2 likes, and 4 engagements with a .7 percent engagement rate. I felt like because this was such a funny yet relatable video it resonated with people, thus making it more popular. The fact that the video was also short and sweet also helped this tweet do exceptionally better than others; watching something is sometimes easier and funnier than reading it. A lot of my audience is also in my class, and seeing as I posted it the morning of class it could also be even more relatable. This was actually a retweet of an old tweet that did so well, so it was making fun of the tweet originally posted of me eating a cookie. Follow up tweets are definitely something I will use in the future to hopefully match this tweets success.

This tweet was my second best, and is very special because it highlights my artwork! This tweet had 424 impressions, 3 likes, 39 engagements, and a 9.2 percent engagement rate. I could attribute this huge engagement rate to be from my lovely professor retweeting it! I also think the content is interesting (hopefully) and that other people were interested in looking into my artwork! Twitter is great for the promotion of your passions, especially if they are also promoted in a campaign!

And now, the original cookie video! This tweet got 413 impressions, 4 likes, 54 engagements with a 13.1 percent engagement rate! As stated previously, the cookie video definitely scored high because of the creativity and relevancy. Most people that liked this are in my class, and the timeliness and relevancy of needing a sugar boost before school definitely added to the tweet’s growth.

This tweet got 287 impressions, 0 likes (sad), 5 engagements and a 1.7 percent engagement rate. This tweets popularity could be attributed to the fact that I tagged said companies. Tagging people into your posts is a sure fire way to get peoples attention and rack up more engagements. Although it got no likes, it still got impressions through this message.

This tweet got again, 287 engagements and 0 likes, and had 20 engagements with a 7.0 percent engagement rate. This tweet like the one listed just before it also gained impressions through the tagging of the person. In fact, Rachel Chang actually commented on this and said that it was great that I reached out. By her commenting this the post could have reached out to her followers, which are probably more than mine.

This tweet got 286 impressions, 0 likes, 3 engagements and a 1.1 percent engagement. This tweet probably did well because I retweeted a post from someone else that talked about the Storm Area 51 petition. I think the hashtag in case you missed it added to this tweets surge of engagements compared to others, as adding hashtags can get people to look at your tweets faster than without. The topic was also very relevant at the time as it only happened 5 days prior.

This tweet got 271 impressions, 0 likes, one engagement, and a .4 percent engagement rate. Again, I think this tweet did well because I retweeted someone else’s tweet. The content itself was very cute of a little boy walking to school, and to be honest, who doesn’t think thats adorable!

This tweet got 266 impressions, one like, 30 engagements and an 11.4 percent engagement rate. This could be because I tagged Liv Johnson in my photo and her followers engaged with my account, or because my classmates recognized the girl in the photo! It was also in the beginning of the class, and my classmates may have viewed it faster than if this tweet was posted at the end of the semester.

This tweet got 251 impressions, 4 engagements, 1 like and a 1.6 percent engagement rate! This tweet not only did well because of the quote tweeting I used, but also due to the topics relevancy. Many people were talking about the iPhone’s triple camera when it came out, and I am glad I made a statement on it that drew in a larger audience than usual. The tweet is even funnier to me now that I have the iPhone 11–it still freaks me out!

This tweet got 250 impressions, one like, 15 engagements, and a 6.1 percent engagement rate. The gif that added to this tweet definitely contributed to the tweet’s success– adding imagery can attract the viewers attention more than if the tweet was left without an image or gif to aid in description.


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