#NYFW Sysomos Research

For this Boolean search, Sydney Kaplan and I decided to look up #NYFW, including #NYFW2019 and excluding #NYFW2018. We decided to use hashtags for this because using them allows us to get more specific date searches and location based tweets within a geographic area. The first widget that we decided to analyze was #NYFW latest […]

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Buzz About The Beatles

For our Sysomos analysis, we chose the trending topic of the 50th anniversary of The Beatles’ Abbey Road. Our boolean search was (“abbey road”) AND (“beatles”) AND NOT (“united states”). We wanted to make our search global and decided to exclude the United States. We ensured that the tweets were only about The Beatles’ Abbey […]

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To Eat or Not To Eat: Tide Pods

By: Megan Kelly, Sarah Mullarkey, Viveca Ortiz-Torres, Anne Arthur Sysomos Search: Latest Activity: Procter & Gamble stated that it would not be removing Tide Pods from shelves after a Twitter account, not associated with Tide, tweeted that Tide would be removing Tide Pods from shelves starting February 1st. According to the latest activity, “tide pod” […]

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Analyzing #BlackPanther

Before the Film’s premiere, the most retweeted tweet was the reaction of the students at Ron Clark Academy when they found out they were going to see #BlackPanther. These students just found out they’re all going to see #BlackPanther and they snapped. 😂 pic.twitter.com/h6j6H2dHnl — Philip Lewis (@Phil_Lewis_) February 2, 2018 This excitement can be […]

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The Second Biggest Selfie on Twitter

(after Ellen DeGeneres, of course) We chose to analyze tweets about the “Selfie Kid” during the Super Bowl from February 1st-8th. Our search boolean was “selfie kid” AND “super bowl.” By utilizing Sysomos and the Twitter widgets “Latest Activity”, “Geography”, “Word Cloud” and “Buzzgraph”, we came to interesting conclusions about social media activity pertaining to […]

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