What happened on Twitter? – Emmys 2019

For the trending topic analysis, we chose to analyze the 2019 Emmys. The Emmys are an American award show that recognize exceptional areas of television. Each year viewers log onto their social media accounts to post commentary and highlights. We researched what people had to say that night on Twitter. 

On Sysomos, the Boolean we created was, (“#Emmys2019”) AND (#Emmys”) AND NOT (“Emmys2018” OR #Emmys2017”). We decided to AND NOT the prior years because we did not want to collect tweets from the past. 

Based on the latest activity widget above, we can conclude that the most activity on Twitter occurred on the day of the Emmys which was September 22nd, 2019. On this evening, there were 44.1K tweets and 70.9K mentions. 


Above is the most retweeted tweet from the 2019 Emmys boolean we created. The tweet, by @TheAVClub provided a video of Jharrel Jerome’s acceptance speech for Lead Actor in a Limited Series. The tweet had 8.9K retweets, 24.2K likes and included the hashtags #WhenTheySees, #Emmys, and #Emmys2019.

The Geography widget on Sysomos showed that the most activity on Twitter regarding the 2019 Emmys were posted in the United States with 40.3% and Brazil following in second with 18.5%. It is interesting to note that the second-highest geographic contribution came from the country, Brazil. 

The word cloud widget on Sysomos provided us a little more context about that evening. Some of the words included here were, “Game of Thrones” and “When They See Us”. 

The last widget we analyzed was the Buzzgraph.

From this, we can note relevant words that stemmed from the Emmys. Just by looking, we concluded that Jharrel and Game of Thrones were a hit. In particular, people were tweeting about Game of Thrones because of their disagreement with the number of awards the series received and its popularity in general. 


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