Texting Meme Viral Content Challenge

Throughout the years, memes have been used as a component of culture in our technologically connected society, that uses humor to engage with online viewers with the intention of going viral and usually have a position in mind for a specific audience. I wanted to create a meme that addressed a modern-day “dating” issue so that it could resonate with my target audience who get the complications of texting. We all know we have been there when we decided to talk to someone, knowing very well that is the last thing you should be doing and the idea of this meme is to evoke humor and relate it with a real-life situation you most definitely have experienced.

Marketing Plan Meme Objectives:

  • Engagement: Users interact with the meme, add to content by providing their own relatable experience with comments or shares connecting to the message of the meme.
  • Follower participation and growth: Through retweets/shares, increase profile likes and followers to gain more traffic to my account
    • Reach 10 Likes and 5 Retweets on Twitter; 500 views on Imgur
    • Increase followership by 10 followers
    • Reply to 5 Retweets adding something useful to keep it flowing through the timeline

Twitter Webcard

Throughout my campaign, I created 5 separate tweets to share out my single webcard to the Twitter community in order to switch up and play around with the tone of the meme, and the hashtags that would be received.

Other Tweets included the captions:

You know it’s bad when you’re lying to your about him

Me Yesterday: I swear I’ll nvr txt him again Me Today: Im probably not going to txt him Me Tonight: Heyy

Someone NEEDS to take my phone away from me tonight

When you know you’re a and he’s a , but you can’t seem to let him go.

(Link to Twitter profile to view all tweets: https://twitter.com/BriThompson____ )

Twitter Ads Engagement & Spend

During my the viral content challenge, I originally set up the campaign to cost $5.00 ( $1.oo/day) for a five days across the week scheduled for different times of the day, with a mixture of hashtags and different captions to reach the target audience. After my campaign I noticed I was only charged $4.00 which is extremely confusing to me. I received 600 impressions during the duration which I was extremely impressed with despite only paying a total of $4.00.

Analytic & Effectiveness of Campaign

Overall, the campaign was fairly successful in terms of reaching some of the goals I set in the marketing plan. For instance, I was determined to reach 500 views on the Imgur post and I did! However, going into the challenge I expected to encounter way more engagement via Twitter than I actually did. This being my first Twitter Ad campaign, I assumed that it would push more engagement with the target audience I concocted making the campaign, but quickly realized that was not the case. I think that if I used different hashtags on Imgur I could have generated more views solely on that. I was happy to see that I had some engagement with people I did not follow or did not follow me, because I was able to see that the meme reached people in the audience. I think I created captions and used hashtags that were very relevant to the message and were a good way to promote the meme and add to the content itself. Other ways I promoted the content was through my personal Instagram and Facebook which received numerous likes and definitely helped generate some views which makes me very happy I was able to utilize those platforms to ask my friends for some help. Although I did not hit all of my goals such as RTs, and more comment engagement, this project was a great learning experience and useful for future challenges.

I received 522 views on my Imgur.com post and a total of 9 likes separate on my webcard and 1 retweet by the end of my $4.00 twitter campaign. I really enjoyed being exposed to Twitter Ads and learning ways to think of sharing content I created myself!

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