Most Legendary Pond Jump or Gator Food?

Youtube’s trending list features stuntman, Ronnie Mac, attempting the world’s most legendary pond gap. The video titled “Ronnie Mac Visited My House and Attempted the World’s Most Legendary Pond Gap… *BALD EAGLE BOOTER*” has reached almost 30K views and was posted on Cleetus McFarland’s Youtube channel on March 10, 2020. This trend is most likely a result of Mac and McFarland’s already large youtube following as well as the awe-inspiring content. Want to find out of Mac ends up as gator food? Check out this short clip on the video!

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Offensive or Funny? Where Do We Draw The Line? — Dark Memes (@DarkDarkMemes) December 12, 2018 pretty much 💁‍♀️#coronavirus #WW3 — Zagie (@Zagiexo) January 28, 2020   Today, social media acts as the respected informal medium for communication. A popular new way to engage and spread ideology on social media is through memes. An internet meme is usually a simple photo […]

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Memes: Proceed with Caution

Memes have become synonymous with social media, as they are weaved throughout our social feeds. But has anyone considered that they may cause more harm than humor? A meme is typically a visual form of communication, in which a picture with a relatable message written on it expresses a certain feeling or emotion towards an […]

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Influence and Growth Analysis

Influence: Twitter followers before COM 427 – 52 Twitter followers after COM 427 – 88 Over the course of the Fall 2019 semester, I was able to utilize the skills and techniques I learned in COM 427 – Social Media for Communicators to grow my Twitter following by 69.2%. Though growing from 52 to 88 followers might […]

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Do You Know Who Is Behind The Mask?

Love it or hate it, there is no denying that The Masked Singer has captured the attention of the nation.  The highest-rated network show for the 2018-2019 broadcast season, features a panel of celebrity judges and celebrity talent. But what makes The Masked Singer a phenomenon? It’s the mystery!  America has been anxiously scrambling to […]

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