Viral Challenge: Campaign Analysis


The objective of this campaign was to go viral. Gaining 100 views on Imgur was the minimum goal, but 300 views was the ideal goal.


I came across a four-second video of my younger brother screaming “this house is a prison” from a couple of months ago and thought it encapsulated the feeling of COVID-19 quarantine. There wasn’t a specific internet meme that inspired my viral challenge meme. The format just requires a small blurb of text and then a video representing what is being said. An example is found here demonstrating someone’s brain cells when trying to spell the word “necessary”.

Imgur Meme

Below is my Imgur meme with the final view count.

Six days into quarantine . . .


What worked in my strategy from my marketing plan was sharing it on Facebook. On my page, family and friends loved seeing Kyle and shared it onto their accounts. On my sorority’s Facebook page, all of my friends also enjoyed seeing it and interacting with the meme. My views really increased after sharing it into those two spaces.

What did work in my strategy from my marketing plan was sharing it on my Instagram story. I forgot that you have to have over 10,000 followers or be verified to be able to have a “swipe up” link within your story. I did not get much traction from that platform because in order to access the link, users had to go to my profile to click the link and that required more effort.

Final Engagement Number

In the end, I received 425 views on Imgur. This was above my desired goal. No one made a derivative of my meme, probably due to the fact that it was video format and there are a lot of quarantine memes already out in the community.


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