Taking a social media class upped my twitter game

By Sarah Minkewicz

Part 1

When I first started the semester I had a total of 132 followers. Now I have over 200, currently 208.

I was really surprised by my Klout score. It reached the highest at 54.49 on April 17 and has stayed consistently a little over 50 points for the past two months. I started the class with a 19 score. So that’s a significant increase! Most of my activity is on Instagram, with 52% which I’m not surprised. I use that social media platform the most and feel that’s where I get the most engagement from followers. The second most I use is facebook at 21%. I think this is mostly due to my older sister tagging me in everything because she just had a baby and those photos and posts get a ton of engagement on them. Otherwise I usually don’t post too much on facebook or interact too much. I only use my twitter 12% of the time compared to the other social media sites.

I have gained more followers/friends since the class started so I’m sure that’s brought my Klout score up as well. I think to continue increasing my network I really need to be proactive and present on all platforms. I think I’ve done a good job of this so far, but I can always improve.

Networking story – Newhouse sent me to attend the Toner Awards in Washington, DC and while there I ran into an SU Alum and recognized her from several news stories shown in class. I went up to her (IRL social media) and introduced myself and we had a great conversation for about 30 minutes! She then gave me her card (too bad this was before I made my own) and told me to follow her on twitter, which I did! It was a great experience for me and I’m glad I made that network connection. Down side – I should have been live tweeting during the event and tagging some of the influential guest speakers.

Part 2

The tweets the performed the best for me this semester are as followed (not in any order)…



Total engagements 39
Media engagements 20
Detail expands 9
Likes 3
Hashtag clicks 3
Profile clicks 3
Link clicks 1

This tweet reached the level engagement that it did for several reasons;

  1. It’s rich in media being that there’s a photo attached to the tweet.
  2. I’m tagging @destinyUSA
  3. I hashtaged a popular event being the probowl.

One of the main things I learned in this class was to hashtag social media, as weird as that sounds. So for this post I made sure to include that hashtag. I also like this post because I tried putting my sense of humor in it. I also learned in the class to try and find my voice in posts so in this post I was trying that out.


Total engagements 32
Media engagements 16
Likes 7
Detail expands 3
Profile clicks 3
Retweets 2
Link clicks 1

This post stands out because it’s also rich in social media with the picture. I also taged another twitter user in this post while hashtaging MMJ and gotmilk. Again I’m keeping up with the humor theme in this post.

This assignment was the one where we had to put text on a picture. I used the social media platform Snapchat to do just that.


Total engagements 11
Media engagements 5
Likes 4
Detail expands 2

I love this post! Mainly because I find it super pretty and relaxing. Who doesn’t like cherry blossoms? Well, maybe if you don’t like the color pink…

Anyways, I think this post works because it includes a picture and several emojis to enhance the tweet. We were learning in class to try and include some emojis and I thought this was the perfect post to include that flower one!


Total engagements 50
Media engagements 25
Detail expands 10
Likes 7
Profile clicks 4
Link clicks 2
Replies 1
Hashtag clicks 1

Can I admit something? I used this post to engage in someone I really admire in the field of broadcast journalism. Joe Little! He has rather large following, more than 10,000 followers and I knew he is the type of person to either retweet or reply and he did! This post works because of the picture, emoji, hashtags and taging both Joe Little and Newhouse. Newhouse retweeted this one actually!


Total engagements 24
Media engagements 9
Profile clicks 5
Detail expands 4
Likes 3
Hashtag clicks 2
Retweets 1

Can you tell I use my social media to contact professionals in the field of journalism? This was the day I ran into SU alum Jen Cardone at the Toner Awards in Washington, DC. I had to take this moment and tweet about it and try to get a follow back from her, and it worked!


Total engagements 137
Media engagements 41
Profile clicks 29
Likes 23
Detail expands 23
Hashtag clicks 13
Replies 8

My engagement tweet! I wasn’t surprised that this tweet received a decent amount of engagement (no pun intended) People love when other people go through big moments in life, such as marriage, pregnancies, or even graduation. Those announcements allows get a good engagement no matter what.

In this post I am using a photo, emojis, and the hashtag fiance.


Media views
Total engagements 11
Media engagements 4
Likes 4
Hashtag clicks 2
Replies 1

This was the first gif I ever created! It was a lot of fun! I believe this post got a good amount of reaction because it’s a gif, it’s a little funny, and for anyone in school it’s relatable.


Total engagements 27
Media engagements 9
Likes 8
Detail expands 7
Hashtag clicks 2
Profile clicks 1

I posted this tweet during a speaker event on campus, so I would consider this a little bit of live tweeting. Since their were many people live tweeting I think it was noticed more. We discussed live tweeting in class and that’s something I really need to work on, because it really does bring more engagement to posts.


Total engagements 18
Detail expands 8
Likes 4
Hashtag clicks 4
Replies 1
Profile clicks 1

This was one of my first tweets for this class!! I was kind of nervous because I didn’t really tweet before, or like ever. I was also nervous because I was reaching out to people and was unsure if they would respond back. But they did! It was awesome! I even got a reply for this one. I’m not using much media for this tweet but I think it works because I tag 3 people and it’s a positive message.


Total engagements 8
Likes 6
Replies 1
Hashtag clicks 1

I wish I would’ve included some type of photo or gif to go along with this most to make in for engage worthy. Still I think it works because I hashtag SU and include an emoji.













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