Not The End: A Reflection of Twitter Influencers

In the past three months, I gained 100% of growth in my Twitter followers, from 0 to 14. I also earned 29,000 impressions over this period. On average, I earned 32 impressions per day. Overall, I employed various appealing strategies on Twitter to attract the audiencesโ€™ engagement. The most productive strategies were comprised of using hashtags, mentioning influencers, using emojis, posting photos or videos, making gifs. These methods helped me to gain tweet engagement. In addition, I attempted other ways such as interacting with other users, posting twitter moments. But they didnโ€™t work so well in earning impressions and obtain engagement. I think I should consider more about my selected topics and forms of expression. In this case, I may make my tweets more appealing to the audience.

On the other hand, I gained 43% of growth in Klout Score, from 10 to 17.54. According to my Score History, I had a spike score around March 5 and maintained a high score afterward. After reviewing my tweets, I discovered I began to use richer media forms and more complicated strategies on tweets since March 5, which might help to increase my Klout Score.

Top 10 Tweets

1. Popular Emojis

After searching on the site Emojitracker, I selected two popular emojis. And I incorporated the emojis into a trending topic #NationalGrilledCheeseDay. In addition, I associated the topic with some previous popular trending topics, which made the tweet look much more interesting. Because of successful combination of both emojis and trendings, this tweet earned 945 impressions, 6 engagements (4 detail expands, 1 reply, 1 like) and had a 0.6% of engagement rate, ranking Top 1.

2. Trending Topics

On this tweet, I gave some thoughts on a trending topic #Oprah2020. Since this topic was related to the most controversial political topic in U.S, it might gained more attentions than other trending topics. As a result, it earned 440 impressions, 8 engagements (3 likes, 2 hashtag clicks, 1 retweet, 1 detail expand, 1 profile click) and had a 1.8% of engagement rate.

3. Mentioning An Authorative Scholar

On this tweet, I attempted to interact with an academic researcher in the field of communications. So I replied to one of her tweets on a research finding of female portrayals in entertainment industry. In addition, I combined with the trending topic of that day #InternationalWomensDay. Overall, this tweet earned 263 impressions, 1 engagement (1 like), and had a 0.4% of engagement rate.

4. Tweet of The First Week

This was my tweet of the first week on this account. And I mentioned the professor Grygiel and two students in this class. The content was about starting a new semester, which expressed a positive attitude. As a result, the tweet earned 182 impressions, 11 engagements (7 profile clicks, 3 detail expands, 1 like) and had a 6% of engagement rate.

5. #IRL

This tweet used a topic IRL. I had a retrospect of the significant 9/11 event in U.S, and combined with an appealing photo of the 9/11 Memorial Museum. Although the hashtag #911memorial was not the trending topic on that day, this tweet still earned 150 impressions, 8 engagements (3 media engagements, 2 detail expands, 1 like, 1 link click, 1 hashtag click, 1 profile click) and had a 6% engagement rate.

6. Gifs

This tweet is a new attempt of making Gifs. I asked my friend to be my model, then used a Gif maker App. I found it was important to capture the funniest scenes in a Gif to create humor. In addition, I incorporated emojis to make the content more vivid. This tweet earned 145 impression totally, and 19 engagements (8 detail expands, 4 likes, 3 hashtag clicks, 2 media engagements, 2 profile clicks) and had a 13.1% engagement rate. This tweet earned the highest engagements among all of my tweets. So I think Gif is a very productive visual form on Twitter.

7. Self-introduction Tweet

This is one of my tweets on the first week. I introduced myself and mentioned my professor Grygiel. I think it would be better if I could use more hashtags and diverse media forms. This tweet earned 124 impressions totally, 1 engagement (1 like) and had a 0.8% of engagement rate.

8. Spring Break Tweet

I shared my trip in Philadelphia and posted the most attractive photos, which made the tweet visually appealing to the audience. In addition, I also combined several related hashtags and local influencers. As a result, it earned 117 impressions, 8 engagements (3 likes, 2 replies, 2 detail expands, 1 link click) and had a 6.8% of engagement rate.

9. Positive Tweet about Myself

I found a positive trending topics #NationalWalkingDay. To many people, sports is a permanent topic which is never out of date. I also used appropriate emojis to add visual effect. Overall, the tweet earned 105 impressions, 4 engagements (3 likes, 1 profile click) and had 3.8% of engagement rate.

10. A Collage of Photos

I made a collage of photos of the winter in Syracuse, which was very visually engaging to the audience, especially those who lived in Syracuse. The tweets earned 103 impressions totally, 6 engagements (3 media engagements, 2 likes, 1 link click) and had a 5.8% of engagement rate.

All of these tweet strategies Iโ€™ve learned in this class are very beneficial to me, and I will continue to employ them on my social media platforms.ย ๐Ÿ˜Š


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