Thanksgiving Boyfriend Virality Outcomes

Social Media Marketing Plan Background:

This tweet was composed based on seemingly common occurrences that happen at peoples Thanksgiving dinners. Many Thanksgiving dinners are with extended families who are just friendly faces, so as conversation starters the question of, “Do you have a boyfriend?” always gets asked.


To receive the highest engagement on Twitter as possible with at least 20 likes and at least 5 retweets. Additionally, to reach a level of virality that BuzzFeed would promote my tweet on their Instagram.


Encourage sharing of the content through optimizing engagement with Twitter and receiving at least 20 engagements.


Metrics Report:

1,796 impressions

206 engagements

6 retweets and 21 likes


The commonness and relatability of this tweet are what seemingly inclined people to retweet it. While those who favorited it may have not experienced this occurrence, they most likely have heard talk about how it commonly happens, or they simply found it to be comical. I think tweeting about a common occurrence was very helpful to receive engagement.

Though, having the context revolve around a specific time period can be seen to have both hurt and help this tweet. It was helpful in the sense that when Thanksgiving was right around the corner and was the subject of talk on Twitter, this tweet was extremely relevant. But once Thanksgiving ended, many people were not looking or circulating content on Twitter relating to the holiday because it passed, which made the timing hinder the relevance of this tweet. Overall, it is not a generalized composed tweet that can drag throughout the year. Additionally, adding specifics to it such as “cousin” and “boyfriend” narrowed the content in and could have made it less relatable to my general audience of college students.

Overall, having the context to be relatable worked well, but having it aimed towards a specific holiday and narrowed down may have hindered the continuous relatability of it.

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