The best kind of #FOMO

I have to start by saying that I am the kind of person that is tired all day, and when I finally get in my bed, suddenly I am not tired anymore. So, while I try to fall asleep, scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed, I see what ┬ámy friends are up to, and I think to myself: “I can’t believe it has already been 4 years since I left my hometown”.

Leaving my home country was exciting at first. I was embarking on a new adventure, but I never thought about how hard would it be to leave my friends behind and not be able to be by their sides in every step of the way in entering the phase of adulthood.

[7 hours later] I wake up. I get into Snapchat and see that one of my good friends was celebrating their birthday and everybody had a Snapchat MyStory partying with my friend. I feel a little FOMO, but it is fine, I totally forgot it was my friend’s birthday. So then, I decide to go into Facebook and write her a really nice Facebook post on her wall and since she is a very close friend, I even post a photo of both of us on Instagram, making a #tbt post to a happy memory we have together.

Wow, I just woke up and I already used 3 social media platforms and I haven’t even opened both of my eyes. That is how our lives are nowadays.

Social media has let me stay connected with my friends that are far away from me. I am not present physically in Ecuador with them, but I know that one of them just graduated and got accepted into a great University to do her Master Degree, or one of them got engaged to her high school sweetheart, and another one is traveling through South America getting to know amazing places and I have lived her experience through her Blog Posts and incredible pictures.

Social media gives me FOMO, but in the best possible way!



One thought on “The best kind of #FOMO

  1. Hey Natalie! I totally have #FOMO when it comes to social media. It’s crazy how nowadays we are constantly aware of what all our friends are doing at all times. Social media allows friends that are far away to seem closer than they really are. That is really cool that you are able to still connect with friends from back home, even though you are so far away. I also get major FOMO when I see all my friends are together, and I could not attend. Even when we miss life events (weddings, birthdays, family vacations) we feel as if we were there through social media. I find it so strange how this is how we live our lives today. Also, I liked your mention about birthdays. It is interesting how birthdays on social media have become ingrained in our culture. Some friends get mad if you send them a text for their birthday, but do not post anything on social media. It’s so strange how we get offended that our birthday wish was not posted for the public to see with a picture…even though it should just be the thought that counts, right? Anyways…I loved your post and look forward to seeing your future posts!

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