The Best of @FantaDickoSU

With every popular tweet, there’s a strategic reason on how it got so popular. Here are my popular tweets of this semester with an explanation  of how I executed the post as well as the analytics of the tweets:


Impressions: 528 | Engagements: 59 | Engagement Rate: 11.2%

Evaluation: This tweet was popular because it relates to my twitter audience. My audience includes a lot of Syracuse University students and we all have finals coming up very soon. The use of tweeting helpful information in a time period when it is very needed plays a big part.

Impressions: 435 | Engagements: 13 | Engagement Rate: 3.0%

Evaluation: The use of popular hashtags is what made this post get a lot of engagements. As you can see, I included 7 popular hashtags to get my tweet across to more people.


Impressions: 380 | Engagements: 21 | Engagement Rate: 5.5%

Evaluation: I strongly believe that this tweet got a lot of engagements because of how I worded the tweet. I tweeted in a way where I gave a good description of the article I wanted to share, but not too much, so that the user will be tempted to click the link and read more. Another valuable lesson I learned in class.


Impressions: 379 | Engagements: 21 | Engagement Rate: 5.5%

Evaluation: This tweet got a lot of engagements also due to the time period of the tweet. One day this semester, an incident occurred on campus and many students were unaware of what was happening. I was live tweeting information that I knew to pass to my fellow followers and mentioning popular Twitter accounts in addition.


Impressions: 369 | Engagements: 25 | Engagement Rate: 6.8%

Evaluation: I believe this picture got a lot of engagement because of the photo I included. During that week, a lot of my followers were talking about the leaves changing colors so I actually took an impressive picture of the leaves at Syracuse University campus to engage with my audience, which are mostly Syracuse University students. I compared the fall picture to a picture of Syracuse University in the winter to engage with more students because some may favor the winter rather than the fall.


Impressions: 337 | Engagements: 24 | Engagement Rate: 7.1%

Evaluation: The mentioning of Jennifer Grygiel helped this tweet get engagements. I believe her powerful presence on Twitter helped this tweet after she liked it.


Impressions: 315 | Engagements: 33 | Engagement Rate: 10.5%

Evaluation: I believe this tweet got a lot of engagement because of the lovely photo, not only was the photo high quality, but the photo fit perfectly for Twitter and didn’t cut anything off of the picture when previewing it.


Impressions: 304 | Engagements: 18 Engagement Rate: 5.9%

Evaluation: Another tweet that got a lot of engagements due to popular hashtags!


Impressions: 289 | Engagements: 222 | Engagement Rate: 7.6%

Evaluation: I think this tweet was engaging because I mentioned Ethan, who is a very prominent person on social media, and might have spread to his followers. In addition, an image always helps! One trick I learned from this class is to use a period in front of a twitter handle so that the tweet doesn’t show as a reply but as a tweet that all your followers can see. I believe this trick helped me get a lot of engagements.

Impressions: 275 |  Engagements: 6 | Engagement Rate: 2.2%

Evaluation: This tweet also was engaging because it provided a link. Tweets with  links get 2x the engagement rate of those without.


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