The Buzz About Aston Martin’s First SUV

Almost every upscale car manufacturer has been introducing SUVs in order to cash in on the worldwide SUV craze. Many people have been disappointed with automakers, criticizing them for “selling out.” Reception of Aston Martin’s new DBX SUV is mixed which is evident in tweets using #DBX.

Some are enamored with its looks. It’s interesting that Evo points out “Off-road goodies” since everyone is talking about its on-road performance. Historically, India is interested in rough road capability which explains why they brought it up.

Of course, there are dissenters. Mark’s SUV statement is extreme, given that revered brands like Jeep and Land Rover exclusively sell SUVs. He’s classic example of a “triggered” enthusiast.

There’s always the inevitable photo comparison but I can’t say that Gentleman Racer is entirely wrong.

Ginny brought up an overlooked point, which provoked a lot of responses. Some replies argued that what she said was irrelevant to DBX customers but others, including Aston’s CEO, pointed out that Aston EVs are in the works.

This is the most unusual tweet, given that the DBX directly competes with Bentley’s own Bentayga. This is classy, possibly smug, move on Bentley’s part, maybe suggesting that Aston is late to the party.


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