The Meaning Behind the Meme

In the last couple of years, memes have been all over social media and have been trending throughout all platforms. As it can be described in many different ways, what I would say a meme is, is a video or image that is representing a theme, emotion or belief that someone has that can be easily relatable to others. People may make their own memes or just screenshot and share with others. One of the biggest questions is whether or not memes are just made for laughs and jokes or should they be taken seriously? From what I have seen in the social media world, memes are meant to be funny. Many memes are highlighting everyday problems and representing them in a comical way. Memes are primarily made for a good laugh. People may look at a meme and think “yeah I think that too” but the picture that’s depicted with that saying or quote is more comical than serious. 

For example, the first meme that is depicted here is involving an actress and a bird showing the same type of facial expression. Representing in real life what two people would look like when they both know someone is lying. For this meme, I for one would look at it and think that it is a pretty accurate depiction, but it’s comical because of the addition of the bird. 

And the second meme, is really more for comedic value. It is meant to relate to those that love tacos and how they would react to those that don’t. There is nothing wrong with those that don’t like Tacos, but this meme is just bringing a comedic value to someones reaction.  

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