The Twitter Fight for Better Education: #DumpDevos and #WeChoose

Recently the #DumpDevos and #WeChoose have been trending together on Twitter in efforts to move towards the impeachment of recently elected Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos. Most people using the hashtags are linking their tweets to articles detailing a policy of Devos’ they disagree with, like her decision to defend the rollback of protection for transgender students. People are using the #WeChoose to explain what kind of Secretary of Education they really want. Both Rosie Grant and Badass Teachers Asso. use this kind of tweet.

In another example, Nick Jack Pappas lists the things he considers deal breakers on DeVos’ track record as reasons to #DumpDevos.

But this movement isn’t without opposition. Tynus Jorvensen responds directly to Pappas and adds some criticism of his own directly to Pappas’ tweet.

Then there are people like Trisha. Instead of making fun of the hashtag like Jorvensen does, she uses the hashtag to make a serious argument and draw attention to the less popular opinion of those in favor of DeVos.


Each of these tweets showcases a different form of Twitter response and how various users decide to capitalize on a certain hashtag—whether it’s because they’re in agreement or want to bring attention to an unpopular viewpoint.

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