#5WordAdviceForTeens: From Politics to Safety

Last week #5WordAdviceForTeens was trending on Twitter. Tweets ranged from practical advice to various political support.

To kick things off:

A few things stand out in the above tweet, but what sticks out most is “There are only two genders.” With a big push to be accepting of different gender classifications, this tweet is a surprising viewpoint from someone who labels themselves as gay.

This tweet came across two different ways. One — young women shouldn’t trust too easy. Two — It’s repressing young women from being comfortable and confident with their bodies.

This seems ironic on Twitter but it’s advice people need. Technology has become a large part of society and it’s hard to put the phone down when there’s constant notifications.

Social media has us connected to so many people.  We associate a person’s importance with how many followers they have and mistake that for real life.

One movement picking up steam following the Parkland, Florida shooting is #VoteThemOut, which refers to voting out politicians that take money from the National Rifle Association.

And lastly, shout out to those who just want safer roads.

One thought on “#5WordAdviceForTeens: From Politics to Safety

  1. I also picked a hashtag that was co-opted by people trying to make a political point. I think your point on how the person tweeting out about how there are only two genders labels themselves as gay despite having a very non-progressive viewpoint. Just like with my hashtag, I believe people on the right are co-opting things that they believe makes them above criticism from the left, as if nobody on the left would dare call out a heinous viewpoint just because the speaker is gay. Anyways, just a long-winded response to get to the point that I believe the person in tweet #1 is lying about who they are.

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