To Meme or Not to Meme?



Would like to get 200 views and 20 engagements

Imgur Meme

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Twitter Ads


Analysis of Campaign

When starting this campaign, I was very hesitant at the thought of promoting a meme on twitter. Solely because I don’t click on memes on twitter and felt like it would be a waste of time to get engagement on that platform. However, I do believe that imgur was a great site host the meme on because that is where I got the most engagement. Even with tweet promotion, I only got a couple of views more, but my imgur views were consistent. So, I originally could not promote a tweet because of some twitter logistics that wouldn’t let me post on either account. I got my account unlocked and saw that my 321 views (without promotion) only jumped to 341 views (with promotion). I can see how with other tweets one would believe that promoting a tweet would be useful. For advertising or marketing purposes I can see twitter promotion being great, but it did not help me. On twitter, I only got a total of nine likes and only two likes on my Instagram. I promoted the meme multiple times, and only once I promoted it did it get likes so there is something to the promotional value of ad spend on twitter. Honestly, I don’t really know what would’ve made the meme boost more. I showed the memes to my friends and they thought it was hilarious while other people didn’t. I think with comedy it’s harder to tell what audience each meme is going to appeal to. For example, someone imgur took my meme literally and tried to explain my own meme to myself. Overall, it did better than I expected. I wanted 200 views and I definitely surpassed that.


Final Engagement Number



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