SpongeBob Brita Filter Campaign Outcomes


Optimize engagement with Imgur through use of Facebook and Twitter and achieve Imgur impressions of 500 views. Through the use of Twitter Analytics: engagement > impressions.

Imgur meme:

SpongeBob Brita


Twitter Webcard:


Twitter Ads Engagement and Spend:

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Campaign Analysis:

I did achieve my main objective of reaching 500+ views on Imgur which I think was made possible through the use of many hashtags on Imgur which reaches wide audiences. I used six tags: #NHsmc #relatable #collegelife #SpongeBob #Brita #CollegeStudents, and each hashtag represented either a relatable lifestyle, or an item / character that is widely used / known. I think this allowed the Imgur meme to spread more rapidly.

The use of these hashtags on Twitter reached my main audience of college students because each one took a part in their life in some way. Such as #Brita, a common item that college students own and struggle with. Or #Spongebob, the show they lived to watch growing up.

Captioning the meme differently on Facebook I believe also played a role in engagement. Although the majority of my Facebook audience are college students, there are others on there that are not as advanced with technology so by stating a sentence and then providing a link, it is more accessible and easily understood to what is being spoken about.

Most of all, having consistency with posting the meme every day definitely was the biggest player. It allowed followers to continuously see it pop up on their feed and eventually sparked curiosity to view it if they did not the first time they encountered it.

Though having a tough, secondary objective reaching for engagement to be greater than impressions, which was not achieved, I think that in the future the copy that goes alongside the content on Twitter or Facebook should encourage more sharing, such as “tag someone who always does this” or “quote tweet someone who always does this to call them out”.

Final Engagement:

831 views on Imgur and 8 comments

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