Tom Holland is back…and he’s trending

We analyzed the trends following the announcement that Tom Holland is back in the MCU. We used the Boolean (“Tom Holland”) AND (“Spiderman” OR “MCU”) to see how “Tom Holland” trending was affected by the announcement.

Latest Activity

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The spike in activity correlates directly with the release of the news, and though the trend dropped quickly, it doesn’t drop all the way back down, instead plateauing while people still discussed it. Additionally, people generally tweet about the trend during the day. Around 8am, it starts trending and goes back down around 12am.

Most Retweeted

This tweet went viral when it was originally announced that Tom Holland left the MCU, but with the news that he’s back, the tweet became relevant again. People were excited, so tweets relating to Holland in general resurfaced, and this one is funny and timely, so it got a lot of attention.


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It makes sense that 51% of the tweets came from the U.S. because a majority of MCU movies, like Spiderman, are American made. The U.K. was the second most trending probably because Tom Holland is English. Regardless, the MCU is popular all around the world, which this graph shows. 

Word Cloud

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Many of the words are directly related to our trend, like spider, spider verse spinoff, and Sony. Spiderman movies and Tom Holland are interconnected with different things in the film industry, and people interested in this trend are also interested in other related topics like spinoffs and the Sony parent brand as well.


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The buzzgraph shows similar information about the trend but simpler. People tweeting on this trend are focused mainly on Tom Holland, Spiderman, Marvel/MCU, and Sony. Even though the word cloud shows the other topics, this buzzgraph shows that the main content around this trend centers on those four topics. 

2 thoughts on “Tom Holland is back…and he’s trending

  1. Hi guys! I loved reading your recap. It was super interesting to see the ups and downs of this topic in terms of virality based on when different news was released. Can’t wait for the next movie haha!

  2. I’m a huge Marvel fan, and I was all over Twitter when the news broke that MCU was dropping Spiderman. Your analysis is really interesting, and it really showed just how quickly this topic spiked and fell back down again. Marvel has a huge following, so it makes sense why there was so much attention to this trend. Loved reading this!

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