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The day has finally arrived to assess how well my social media game has improved. Before enrolling in this class I was not active on Twitter. I decided a couple of years ago that Twitter was not a good outlet for me because I only went there to tweet about my frustrations and didn’t find any of my tweets meaningful for me. I reactivated my Twitter this semester and blew the dust off my timeline to find all of my high school friends and now strangers for the most part. I started with 467 followers and deleted all of my embarrassing high school tweets; it was time to start fresh (January 18, 2017).

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I came back to Twitter and had a lot of catching up to do. The interface was different and I had to learn all of the new updates that had happened since I last logged in. I edited my page aesthetic, wrote a new bio, and showed people what I currently look like with a new profile picture.

1. #Voice

Impressions: 524

Total engagements: 15

To kick us off, I used my Voice tweet. For this assignment we needed to channel the voice of someone that we admired on Twitter or that had a good social media following. I decided to find my inner @chrissyteigen because she is hilarious and very authentic. I think that I got so many likes on this post because Westworld was popular at the time and people understood my struggle and identified with it. Exactly why people love Chrissy Teigen’s tweets. 

2. Twitter Video

Impressions: 424

Media Views: 166

Total engagements: 64

The next tweet was for using Twitter’s Video function. I decided to record a not so average video that was pretty weird because weird videos get a lot of attention (especially in my friend group). I was also feeling pretty tired and done with school, so I got creative with my frustrations. This post got so engagement because it had some of my friends in it and our mutual friends thought it was funny. This post was like a meme in video form; quick, gets to the point, and was funny. I think that’s why it performed so well.

3. First Moment

Impressions: 375

Total engagements: 16

One new feature of Twitter that I wasn’t aware of was creating moments for people to browse a curated list of tweets. I decided to make a moment that I would want to see, so naturally I did a moment of cute puppies. This post did well because it was during midterms and a lot of people were procrastinating by getting lost in blog posts, Buzzfeed quizzes, and memes. The combination of pictures and videos that I had made the post really interactive. One of the Twitter users that liked the post actually had a dog in her Twitter Avatar, so I really hit my target audience. Plus, how could anyone not click a post about PUPPIES?

4. Within the Community 

Impressions: 212

Media Views: 52

Total engagements: 4

The next tweet I used was for the assignment where we had to target the Syracuse community. This was going to be an easy one because a lot of my followers study or have studied at Syracuse. I decided to find something that people would engage because they could relate. The weather in Syracuse had been pretty backwards (not surprising) around this time and I knew people would agree. I used a GIF in this post because it was more likely to catch my followers’ eyes. I also used the hashtag #SpringHasSprung because it had just become Spring during that time. One of my classmates even liked the post, so I owe my engagement to her camaraderie.

5. Twitter Poll

Impressions: 309

Total engagements: 28

For this assignment we had to engage our followers with a poll. What I liked about this post was that it showed different numbers/engagement rates than all of my other tweets. I’m not referring to the amount of likes and retweets, but just the final number of people that voted. It made me think of all the people that see my content and don’t engage with it. This might be because other options (liking, replying, retweeting) were more permanent that just answering the poll. I decided to engage my fellow seniors with a call to action (voting in the poll). I also used a hashtag other than #NHsmc in my post because we learned that 1-3 hashtags in a tweet increases engagement.

6. Media Share

Impressions: 340

Total engagements: 41

In this post I wanted to share a part of myself and also get people ready for the week. It was my own way of motivating people without it being #MotivationMonday, more like – let’s get ready for Monday with this Motivation. I included this tweet in my top 10 because one of my classmates engaged with me and that was one of the goals my professor wanted for us throughout the semester. She responded to my call to action by answering my question, but in a funny way. Her post got engagement which led people to engage with my post. It was like a domino effect. I think the fact that we both incorporated rich media into our tweets also increased viewership.

7. Live Tweeting 

Impressions: 387

Total engagements: 34

I knew we were going to have to live tweet at some point during this semester. I was dreading it because I don’t like to be on my phone when watching one of my shows. I usually only live tweet during award shows because that’s all that everyone is talking about on my timeline. I decided to live tweet the popular, Big Little Lies. I was having a viewing party so I thought, why not? Similar to my Westworld post, this post got engagement because the show was popular and my comment was spot on. I also used a hashtag related to the show to target people who watched the show. Not to mention that I had been tweeting about the show for some time before posting this tweets, so my followers were already in on what I was talking about.

8. Spreading the Love

Impressions: 830

Total engagements: 30

The next assignment was to try out some weekly hashtags. These are Twitter staples and gave you a very clear idea of what to expect in the tweet. I used #MondayMotivation as my hashtag because I loved reading those and thought I would take a stab at it. I got my image from Tumblr and should have cited it to the original content creator. I posted it early in the morning so that people would see it as the scrolled through their timeline before hopping out of bed or in their 9:30 class. It got 3 retweets which brought it to 11 likes. I think this post did really well because of the positivity and the bright color that caught people’s attention. Positivity always goes a long way.

9. Viral Content Challenge

Impressions: 1,903 (Organic: 411, Promoted: 1,493)

Total engagements: 137

It only seemed appropriate to include a tweet from my Viral Content Challenge in my top 10 tweets. This tweet was during my social media campaign and included my Twitter Webcard. I used the strategy of letting my followers in on what I was up to and prompting them with a question as well. Using the webcard and the media in that brought followers in because of the Kermit Meme. I also used the hashtag to find other people who were searching the hashtag. Since this meme was popular, people wanted to find out more and read what it said, so they engaged with my tweet.

10. In-class Moments

Impressions: 12,802

Media Views: 3,186

Total engagements: 147 

The final tweet that I included in my top 10 was from a recent class activity where we were paired into groups and were asked to create a Twitter Moment based on some trending topics. I did this with a group but we posted the tweet to my account (and I’m glad we did!) The tweet was probably my best performing tweet all semester and really packed all of the skills we learned into one tweet. My team took advantage and the craze around the new Starbucks, #UnicornFrappuccino. This tweet got 9 retweets and 17 likes. We decided to mention @Starbucks in the tweet to bring more attention to the moment and in hopes that they would see it and maybe give us some love. This tweet would have had #NHsmc in the body but we decided to put it in the reply after forgetting to include it. This tweet had a lot of rich media that engaged ot audience. There were video reviews, gifs reacting to the topic, and pictures and tweets from verified accounts. It seemed like a credible source of information that was engaging and got my followers interested enough to engage with my tweet.

At the end of the semester my follower count increased by 46 accounts to end me off at 513 followers. My Klout score was 24.08 in the beginning and increased to 36.40. I made improvements which were my goals in taking this class. Some areas of improvement that I could have focused on would have been tweeting more often and being more creative with my tweets and the content that I use in them. These 10 tweets give you a good sense of my style of tweeting but I could have pushed the boundaries. I learned different strategies through A/B testing and tweeting at different times and days of the week. I liked being able to come into class and see what my classmates tweeted and the success that they had. It allowed me to adjust my tweets to mirror the successes that they had in their tweets. Seeing how far I’ve come in my engagement rates and how I learned what captures people’s eyes is a big skill that I wanted to gain.

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  1. I’ve loved following your account all semester long. Your approach to creating content is creative and relatable. I like how you pair media with your Tweets to generate more impressions. For example, I think the gif paired with your “Within the Community” Tweet perfectly expresses how all of us feel regarding the weather and that’s what makes the Tweet work well. I always look forward to seeing your Tweets on my feed because I know I’ll get a good laugh out of them. I’m glad NHSMC has connected me with students like you and I can’t wait to continue keeping in touch!

    1. Thank you, Moriah! I’ve definitely been actively trying to incorporate media into my tweets, so I really appreciate you noticing. Let’s stay in touch, for sure.

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