Top Ten Tweets and More Alliteration


At the beginning of this course, I had a total of 442 followers, which grew to 468 followers (a 5.88% increase) and my klout score increased from 22 to 53 – these numbers are accurate from January 20th, 2017 to April 20th, 2017.

For Twitter, I honestly believed that I would gain more followers because of the number of impressions I made throughout the semester, especially with my top 2 tweets that you’ll see below. However, because of my bio, my use of hashtags and the topics I tweeted about, I think that many of the Twitter users involved in the higher impressed/engaged tweets weren’t interested in listening to the rest of my social voice. My bio specifies that I’m a graduate student at Syracuse University, most likely repelling anyone who isn’t interested in following someone who is still in school.

Additionally, I don’t think that my use of hashtags was strategic or often enough to attract those who avidly follow them. Finally, my tweets are tailored to a very specific audience (film, television, publicity and marketing – for the most part). Some people are left outside of the filter bubble because I do keep my base within these topics. In terms of what worked, I think that the timing of my tweets were absolutely a factor – many were later in the day, and it seems like a lot of my Twitter following responded to that. Furthermore, I believe that the hashtags, tags, and media I employed really did well with the different engagements that were accounted for.

As for my Klout score, I know that I can mainly attribute this to adding my Instagram to calculate the total score. My Twitter has a good amount of engagement, however, my Instagram does get a fair amount more. I had an average of 2.47 likes per tweet during the specific 3-month analyzed period, conversely, each Instagram post usually garners around 70-110 favorites. There was a clear raise in my Klout score the day I added my Instagram account to the analysis.



#1 – Inauguration Day 

Impressions: 20,023

Engagement: 2,128

This was definitely a special day. This tweet got the most impressions out of any of my others based on timing and proximity to the event that a large portion of Twitter users were tuning into that day. Based on the humorous nature of the Tweet, a Liberal influencer retweeted it, and spread it to his reach, thereby increasing mine enormously. Obviously, it wasn’t because of any hashtags or anyone I specifically included in the tweet, but rather the figure that retweeted it in order to get it more attention as well as the timing more than anything. This was tweeted during the Inauguration ceremony.


#2 – Follow Friday 

Impressions: 568

Engagement: 27

On our first follow Friday, I made sure to tweet during the day and I wanted to tweet at people I knew because I figured that famous Twitter figures and influencers wouldn’t answer or acknowledge my Tweet. So I picked two friends that are avid (and funny) Twitter users, as well as a friend that has a large following (she’s the editor of MTV News). Any engagements and impressions were mostly from my mentioning of that friend and possibly from the class hashtag.


#3 – Happy Moment

Impressions: 327

Engagement: 52

I think that this tweet got a fair amount of engagement and impressions simply because it had some media as well as the fact that it was just a happy moment. It absolutely got more clicks on the specific media more than a lot of other Tweets that I authored throughout the semester, maybe because it’s a more interesting picture. The timing absolutely could have been better. If I had scheduled this Tweet to go out during the day on a Friday or Saturday, I feel like it would have gotten a lot more engagement. However, because it was at night on a Tuesday, it probably reached less users.


#4 – Photo Shoot

Impressions: 326

Engagement: 88

Based on the use of the hashtags and the pictures themselves, I think that this tweet got a little more engagement than expected. It was sent out far too late to get an optimum amount of impressions, however because of the hashtags I got more people to see it than expected. It was also rich in media and funny media at that.


#5 – Spring Break

Impressions: 305

Engagement: 32

I think that the pictures were mainly what garnered the attention on this post. They’re interesting, they’re tiled and they are nice looking pictures. However, I probably would have gotten more users to engage with them if I used more popular hashtags rather than the ones that I chose. The timing also could have been improved by scheduling the tweet to be in the middle of the afternoon on a weekend or during a time where there are more Twitter users.


#6 – The Americans 

Impressions: 247

Engagement: 1

I was responding directly to a very popular user for this tweet, as well as using a popular hashtag. What I think would have been even more effective would have been to use the hashtag while it was trending and to possibly have some sort of media included in the tweet. That way, users that were followers might have engaged with me over the show.


#7 – Social Media – IRL!

Impressions: 247

Engagement: 36

IRL social media is an interesting thing to think about, and because of the topic and the media that I included in the tweet, I got a little more impressions and engagements than originally anticipated. Again, my timing was off, but I think that the way I worded my tweet (almost like a promo for TV or something), I may have gotten more attention.


#8 – Film Festivities 

Impressions: 245

Engagement: 0

I think that I should have included a picture or a GIF of some sort in this tweet in order to have gotten some more engagement because the whole point of this one was to get people to check out what they missed and click on the link. I also picked a topic that was very, very specific for a small audience. The hashtags were most likely the only thing that got people to look at the tweet, with the timing odd as well.


#9 – Pretty Quotes

Impressions: 236

Engagement: 20

I think that I got this amount of impressions/engagement because the tweet was garnered specifically for college students and looked really pretty when people were scrolling down their timeline. It also wasn’t cropped, so it was able to be seen in full without actually engaging with the tweet. My timing is off again! If this was sent during a much busier time on Twitter, I’m sure some others would have engaged with me. I also think that the use of other hashtags would have improved this number.


#10 – Follow Film Friday

Impressions: 234

Engagement: 4

Another Follow Friday! This time, I included three of my favorite users to follow, and it possibly got some attention because they were well-known studios that actually engage with Twitter users that reach out to them. Otherwise, I think that our class hashtag was driving users to the tweet because it didn’t get more than the usual amount of impressions.


It’s been a great semester for my social media – let’s keep it going! I know that I’m going to continue using the methods that we’ve learned in this class and demonstrated above, and I’m excited to engage with more users.


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