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I’ve been a Twitter user for about seven years. Goodness, that’s a long time. I  started using it to vent, literally vent about college life, boys and more boys. Originally my name was @newyork_6 or something like that;lame, I know. But my best friend came up with a better name that suited me, my voice and my random outbursts of words @Opinionatedray. When I first began my social media theory and practice class, I started with 817 followers and jumped to 874. 6% increase, woohoo. My Klout score even went up from a 42 to a 57; 59 on a good day. That’s a 35% increase. Guess you could say, I’ve become quite the influencer.

Most of my audience originally grew when I was in college. Most of my friends and the people I knew were on Twitter venting about their problems, tweeting about parties, having conversations with friends who were in the same room as you, or maybe that was just me. I followed them along with celebrities and companies I never knew or took the time to engage with. I never really tweeted anything of substance or that was worth engaging with honestly until I came to graduate school at Syracuse. Understanding the use of hashtags, timing and content production and being engaged with my audience and intended audience helped grow my fanbase as I like to call it. I’m even poppin’ on Instagram too, @Opinionatedray. Check me out on Twitter and Instagram, unlike other influencers, I follow back. In the meantime, check out my most popular tweets.

This past semester I served at the Executive Editor of 360 Magazine, an SU publication. This picture was taken at our launch party a few weeks ago. Crazy how two girls from opposite sides of the world met, formed a lasting friendship and one of the best publications of the year (in my opinion). Check out Sarah, @sar_heikkinen, she’s awesome.

Total Engagement: 78

Impressions: 922


BkChatLDN is a new YouTube series by a few of London’s finest Africans where the topic of discussion ranges from cheating, sex, money, marriage, parenthood and everything in between. For my internship, I wrote a review about their first season. Once they dropped their season finale, I tweeted about it along with the article which brought 15 link clicks, 15 profile clicks, four hashtag clicks, likes, detail expands and retweets by the BKChatLDN Twitter account.

Total Engagement: 53

Impression: 4,104

Now it took me awhile to find this tweet. I kept thinking what would make me tweet them. It was during the eve of the beef between female rappers Remy Ma and Nicki Minaj. Remy bodied her with the “Shether.” I thought Nicki Minaj would retire after than massacre. But she fired back with, “No Frauds.” Good try Nicki, but not good enough. She even reunited her Young Money gang- Drake and Lil Wayne. I guess she needed back up. He brought all kinds of profile clicks, maybe I turned a few heads.

Total Engagement: 13

Impressions: 2,631

For the past year, I have been reading books by the author Enitan O. Bereola II. He writes relationship etiquette books on the dating world of today, starting with Gentleman, then Gentlewoman and now, The Gray. It’s where the gentleman and gentlewoman analyze where they went wrong in their relationship, inspired by true events. It’s deep, dark, raw, yet beautifully pieced together. Don’t believe me, pick up a copy yourself. It will definitely open your eyes about love because you are now in The Gray area.

Total Engagement: 12

Impression: 1,561

Georgia State University’s Twitter account had students going crazy after their responses to student who were scared to come to class, due to severe thunderstorms. They were far from considerate and completely shade-ful. Sounds like they should be looking for a new social media manager. I caught this trend hours after it had begun but just in time to still enjoy the laughs as it went on for at least two more days.

Total Engagement: 35

Impressions: 763

For most of my girlfriends, we’re the first in our families to pursue a master’s degree, which is an amazing accomplishment for us. BET made a post about Black women being America’s most educated group, receive degrees at a rapid rate, during Black History month. I just wanted to encourage these other women that we are almost done in educating ourselves, setting a new tradition in our families and creating our own stamp in Black History. It doesn’t get any better than that. #Blackgirlmagic

Total Engagement: 29

Impressions: 630

For spring break, most people spend their time in Panama, Miami, relaxing on some beach or exploring some new country or state.  I spent mine at North Carolina A&T University at a short multimedia course learning from some of the top news reporters and producers in the industry. It’s always been a dream of mine to go into entertainment reporting later in my career, so it was nice to get my feet wet being on camera. I even got to walk the campus of NC A&T and be an Aggie for a day. This is a little clip of my fellow reporters and me in the field developing a story about the HBCU experience. Check out our work work here.

Total Engagement: 20

Impression: 299

When I say, my glow up is real. I created a gif, and for days I could not think of what to do. After hours of watching Netflix and Hulu, which I frequently do at night, I thought to document the transition of my uncomfortable styling process to my lusty curls. Yes, its my all my hair. I hate how long this process takes, but I love the outcome. Curls for the Girls.


Total Engagement: 11

Impressions: 229

In my magazine writing class, we were asked to reach out to a writer from a magazine we’ve read. It just so happened, that my magazine of choice that week as the February issue of 2017. I tweeted Mark Anthony Green about his cover story/interview on Chance the Rapper. It was amazing; it flowed more like a conversation. It also made me think about my writing and how I plan to one day have a cover story on the front of a magazine. I’ve had a newspaper cover story at the Southside Stand newspaper, but a magazine is truly where my heart is. All in all, he inspired me, and I wanted to express that to him. And I told him again as I retweeted the post for a social media assignment, republishing my top tweet for the Month of February to replicate the same engagement rate. He retweeted my initial tweet and responded to this. Hopefully, this feature story I’m working on right now will grace a cover too. I’m becoming famous, watch out now.

Total Engagement: 7

Impression: 134

Here I was thinking I was going to a special pre-screening by Revolt of the Netflix series “Dear White People.” Who knew it would bring three police officers and Rotimi from the show “Power.” He casually strolled in as if he was a student, dressed in all white for the gods. I wasn’t starstruck; I was bae struck. He walked in, and my twitter fingers went to work.

Total Engagements: 639

Impressions: 33



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