Trump’s plan to cut WHO funding further divides an already divided nation

President Trump announced his plan to cut funding to the World Health Organization pending an investigation into the organizations handling of the Coronavirus pandemic. While some on Twitter supported the presidents decision, citing the organization’s issues, other slammed this move as another example of the presidents’ mishandled response to #COVID19.

Those who saw the move as a fatal error acknowledge that WHO has been imperfect in its response to the pandemic. However, they give the agency credit as an international health organization and believe Trump’s plan to cut funding is an attempt to deflect from allegations that his administration mishandled its response to the pandemic.

Others support the president’s plan, implying WHO to be a problematic organizations. Those in favor of the plan accused WHO of displaying bias toward China and not responding appropriately to proposed travel bans. While the effects of the proposed funding cut cannot yet be known, it is clear this move has proved to be politically divisive. I suspect it will further divide Democrats and Republicans as we approach the upcoming election.

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