Twitter Benchmark

I was unable to truly expand my Twitter following during this course.  At the beginning of the semester I had 138 followers, and now I only have 156, a number that could be attributed to friends and classmates who began to follow my feed.  To be completely truthful, none of my efforts on Twitter yielded any significant results.  The one exception to that rule is when I paid for a Twitter ads campaign for a concert my band played at the Westcott Theater.  Between October 12 and 13th, my Klout score jumped 3 points from 28 to 31, where it was able to sustain that level for about a week until dropping back off.

One of my biggest issues is that when I started my Twitter account, it was a personal thing and I did not treat it in a professional manner.  I could see the impact of the more professional tweets that were assignments for our class, since those tweets usually ended up with the largest amount of engagement.  I am starting to think that I possibly need to start a new professional Twitter account in order to rebrand myself and try to get the exposure within the music community that I would hope to have.  So overall while I learned a lot of useful tips in class, other than a small bump in my Klout score, my social media really had little change over the course of the class.

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