Twitter Growth: 0-100 Real Quick!

My Twitter account that I used for class was not new, but it was barely used prior to COM 427. I started with around 21 followers, but now I have 37! I increased my number of followers by engaging with classmates, friends, and other Twitter users throughout the semester.

After a good amount of practice, I came to the realization that hashtags are key to increasing my number of impressions. Another key to to gaining followers is retweeting more well-known influencers’ tweets. I also found that if I engaged with the current trends and inserted myself into current conversations, I would receive more feedback and draw more attention to my account.

My top tweet had a total of 621 impressions, 68 total engagements, 26 media engagements, 11 profile clicks, 10 likes, 10 detail expands, 7 retweets, 3 hashtag clicks, and 1 reply.

My next best tweet was promoting my meme on I received 90 impressions, 3 total engagements, and 3 link clicks.

Another tweet promoting my meme generated 102 impressions, 5 total engagements, 3 links clicks, 1 like, and 1 profile click.

In case you missed the first tweet, where I received 403 impressions, 22 total engagements, 17 media engagements, 2 likes, 1 reply, 1 detail expands, and 1 profile click ….

I received 166 total impressions and 1 like on this retweet!

The first promotion of my meme received 76 impressions, 5 total engagements, 3 detail expands, and 2 link clicks.

When reflecting on Hailey and Justin Bieber’s wedding, I received 231 impressions, 24 total engagements, 18 media engagements, 3 link clicks, and 3 profile clicks.

When asking for a friend to help decide what to eat for dinner, I received 95 impressions, 2 engagements, 1 vote and 1 hashtag click.

I reached out to SU Alum, Jordan Bernfield, and received 154 impressions, 4 total engagements, 2 detail expands, and 2 profile clicks.

I always like to acknowledge celebrities whether they respond or not. I received 175 impressions, 1 total engagement and 1 profile click.

Each and every one of my posts are very different in hopes of attracting a wide variety in my audience. Some of my tweets were definitely more successful than others. I have noticed that people are more interested in tweets with content such as a link, picture, hashtag, or video. I have also noticed that people are more likely to engage with relatable content.

Throughout this course, I have learned a lot about social media. More specifically, since I had already known the basics of the social media platforms, the most influential aspect of this class was learning how to measure my success. I was unaware of many tools such as Twitter Analytics, Tweet Deck, and many others that I can now utilize to improve my social media profile. I really enjoyed learning about the evolution of social media and its importance in real life and in the working world. I always knew social media was an important aspect of advertising, but now I understand exactly why. I will continue to engage with current trends, use many hashtags and emojis, and stay connected and updated with classmates, Syracuse alum, and many others via social media!

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