Twitter reacts to the U.S. air strike against Syria

After Tuesday’s chemical weapons attack which killed more than 100 people in Syria, the United States responded by carrying out an air strike, targeting several military airfields in Syria. Many have accused Syrian President Bashar Assad for Tuesday’s attack, including President Donald Trump, stating this was his reason for carrying out Thursday night’s air strikes.

Others pointed out the fact that four years earlier Trump was condemning Obama for the very same thing he carried out last night.

Some used memes to show how they felt about the airstrikes.

And many were upset that the missiles lead to more death in an already war-torn country.

But even though much of Twitter’s reaction was against the air strikes, there were still people who tweeted about being hopeful and trusting Trump’s decisions.


Like always, we can depend on social media users to use 140 characters or less to discuss their true feelings on controversial issues.

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