Twitter Users Split Over #ImpossibleWhopper Lawsuit

On November 18, Burger King was sued by a vegan customer who accused the restaurant of contaminating its Impossible Whopper, meatless version of their Whopper, by cooking them on the same grills as their meat burgers. The lawsuit is seeking damages for all U.S. purchasers of the Impossible Whopper, as well as an injunction that forces Burger King to disclose that the Impossible Whoppers are cooked on the same grill as beef burgers. This story took to Twitter, where the #ImpossibleWhopper hashtag trended, and users offered their opinions on the lawsuit. Many users had strong opinions, with a large majority expressing their discontent with the lawsuit, and voicing there concern over the lawsuit showing vegans and vegetarians in a negative light.

However, some people had opposing viewpoints, and expressed their opinions about why the lawsuit was valid. These Twitter users argued in defense of vegans, and why Burger King should be held accountable.

Vegan vs. non vegan debates seem common in our culture, with both sides usually having very strong opinions. It will be interesting to follow this case to see how Burger King will respond, and continue to watch opposing audiences continue to express their opinions.

One thought on “Twitter Users Split Over #ImpossibleWhopper Lawsuit

  1. It is surprising to me that the majority of Vegans did not even agree with the lawsuit. Most people were completely outraged that someone would sue Burger King over this issue. I do wonder if this event would have gotten as much attention without social media and the ease of sharing opinions. Burger King is definitely receiving attention from all of this buzz, but I’m not exactly sure if it is positive or negative considering the mix of opinions.

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