Victoria’s Secret 2018 Fashion Show: A Hit or a Flop?

As the glitz and glamour of the Victoria’s Secret Fashion ended, the backlash seems to still persist. Victoria’s Secret chief marketing officer, Ed Razek in an interview with Vogue discussed the company’s casting of transgender and plus size models in their fashion show:

In his interview, Razek incorrectly identified transgenders as “transexuals” and explains that the models did not fit the Victoria’s Secret “Fantasy”. After publicly apologizing on Twitter, many fans were quick to judge Razel while others sided with his decision.

In their tweets, Jo, Nay, and Rachel observe that Victoria’s Secret does include real women and fails to display the true version of beauty. Nay sees Victoria’s Secret as failing to accommodate to all body sizes.

Unlike both contrasting tweets, models like Winnie Harlow see Victoria’s Secret as adapting to diverse women. Born with vitiligo, she sees herself as a breakthrough for women with skin conditions. Others like ViccyQ and Natalie feel if Victoria’s Secret isn’t accommodating for you, then you can shop at other stores. Natalie feels it is their brand and their decision.

Both the supporting and contrasting views represent the pull for change versus no change in the fashion world following the trending #victoriassecret.

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