Viral Content Challenge

For my viral content challenge, I shared a halloween themed “Ight imma head out” meme with the marketing objective of hitting 500 views or more solely on Imgur and after tweeting out the photo out, reach above 1,000 views. This meme was meant to relate to people that plan to go big for halloween, but every year end up wearing the same costume.

Here is one example of another seasonal use of my meme frame:

My meme uses the same frame and similarly addresses a seasonal topic:

halloween costumes

My campaign was successful in meeting it’s marketing goal. The meme ultimately reached 1,824 views on Imgur with 51 up-votes as well. Although my tweet of the meme didn’t gain much traction, enough people saw the tweet and clicked out which boosted my numbers on Imgur. Since my meme was created using a popular meme frame, I did not see any memes that specifically used my meme as a frame for theirs, however I saw many other memes using the same frame. The campaign was overall successful in meeting its marketing objective and I am pleased with the results.

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