Viral Content Challenge: Angry Boeheim

Going viral is not easy task in today’s society, with the amount of people that are already huge on social media.  I looked to take advantage of timing as this challenge was around the time of the end of the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament.  This is where my meme is based off of.


Angry Boeheim


The goals I had for the challenge were to get over 500 views on my Imgur meme, as well as using Twitter Ads to increase the amount of views I got on the post.


Twitter Ads Engagement

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Final Engagement Analysis

Overall, I believe that this campaign was a success, though not as great as I would’ve liked.  I got 630 views on Imgur and 715 impressions on Twitter.  While this was a success, I would’ve liked for more engagement.

I thought that I had the opportunity to take advantage of March Madness when using this and that it would give me more engagement.  I noticed early on that I got a lot of views but the National Championship was played a couple days into the campaign, and after that happened, interest in the NCAA Tournament went down, and I felt as if the interest in my meme went down.  This was helpful for getting interest early on which was very helpful, but it was not great for long lasting success.

I also noticed that most of my money was used right away, which I did not believe was going to happen.  If I were to run the campaign again, I would’ve monitored the funds more and spread it out to keep constant interest.  My last tweet was scheduled for the end of the campaign, and didn’t receive any funding which hurt the tweet a lot and the campaign.

This has been a very educational experience about how to go about a Twitter campaign and get views on Twitter.  I do feel that I could’ve done a better job now with all I have learned from the campaign and am excited to attack the world of Twitter ads again in the future.

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